Gen 3 Heir Vote – CLOSED

Generation Three Heir Vote!


Name: Kyle Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Egyptian~Food, Hamburger~ Color, Black

Current Traits: Great Kisser,Virtuoso, Excitable, Eco-Friendly

Trait That Will Be Added: Perfectionist

Current Age: Teen

Kyle Danevbie always felt a little left out of his family. He loved his parents, and loved his siblings—but knew there was something missing. Growing up, he wanted more and more to meet his birth mother. But fears of being unwanted keep him in Sunset Valley for a long time. By the time he goes to France, is it too late?



Name: Orion Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Pop~Food, Fish and Chips~ Color, Lime Green

Current Traits: Neurotic, Excitable, Family-Oriented

Trait That Will Be Added: Coward

Current Age: Child

Orion Danevbie always knew he was different from everyone in his family, even more than his half-sibling. Because Orion Danevbie was not fully human. After discovering the ability to transition between human and doll, he turns to his best friend Lucky for help. However Lucky might not be the luckiest of choices for Orion to turn to.


Name: Tempest Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Chinese~Food, Crepes~ Color, Yellow

Current Traits: Athletic, Virtuoso

Trait That Will Be Added: Easily Impressed

Current Age: Toddler

Family life has always been a big part of Tempest Danevebie’s life. With two older brothers and a younger sister, she’s always had someone around. But when her best friend wants her to move into a small place across town, will Tempest be tempted into her friend’s rather… unique way of life? Or will she be able to stay true to who she is?


Name: Luna Danevbie

Favorites: Music, Classical~Food, Dim Sum~ Color, Lime Green

Current Traits: Genius, Eccentric

Trait That Will Be Added: Either Insane, Excitable, or Ambitious. Not sure yet. Most likely insane.

Current Age: Toddler

As the youngest of four, Luna Danevbie was always babied. After finding out the family origins, Luna realizes that maybe—just maybe—she should keep her dreams a secret. After all, how can she explain her rather unorthodox love of experimenting to a father who doesn’t like science? And what happens when she stumbles on a big secret that means making the biggest decision of her life?



8 Responses to Gen 3 Heir Vote – CLOSED

  1. ATMzie says:

    I like Kyle, but that means no delayed Penny genes! I like Orion because of the magical doll thing and the fact he reminds me a bit of Jacob, but I also think a girl heir would be great too! I JUST CAN”T DECIDE!!!! *bursts into flames*

  2. ATMzie says:

    So Luna wins?

  3. B says:

    NOOO Orion didn’t win!!! -EXPLODES- O_o err…sowwy..

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