I Wanna Dream – 8.34 – Two Weddings And A Funeral

Arty refused to talk to me over the next couple days. She didn’t respond to texts or answered my calls. I finally messaged Kiley. I didn’t want to go that route but I really needed to discuss things with my sister. At first I thought Kiley was ignoring me too since she didn’t reply to my text but then that evening Arty showed up at the house.  We sat in the living room and talked for a good long while. After she asked I ended up telling her how it started and why I did it.

“So, you’re just in it for money?” she asked.

“Not exactly. I mean, that’s a big part of it but… I’ve found I can really make people feel good about themselves,” I explained. “Women who aren’t conventionally attractive or older and cannot find someone who appreciates them for the amazing ladies they are.”

“How can they be amazing if they pay for sex?”

I rolled my eyes. “No, no! It’s not like that for everyone. I mean yes, a lot of people do want the sex, but a lot of people want the dating thing. To go out on the arm of someone like me. To have me shower them with compliments and adoration.”

“But, it’s only gotten through paying someone, how can that make anyone feel good about themselves?” Arty asked very impatiently.

“Look, I won’t pretend I fix things. I don’t know how some of the people feel after. I just pour everything I can into the date we do have, or dates. I just… I give them a moment. I’m good at what I do, and overall I’m honest. I do feel that these people I go out deserve what they’ve been denied because of society’s obsession with certain looks, weights, or ages, and haven’t had the luck to meet someone who can get past that. The only people I have difficulty with are, frankly, because of their personalities and not looks. A woman I went out with a couple weeks ago started yelling at our waitress because she didn’t bring us a new basket of bread.” The mere memory of that incident made my toes curl. “I pointed out that the restaurant was busy and all of that but she just told me that the restaurant needed to hire smarter people. She said this in front of her! And of course didn’t leave a tip.”

Arty tipped her head to one side. “Did you finish the date?”

“Ye-es,” I drew out. “And I gave her what she paid for. But man, it was very difficult. I went back the next day and gave the waitress a big tip.” Actually I gave her half of what that woman paid me and the girl looked like she might cry when she saw the money.

“Have you ever ended a date?”

Now my lips pressed tightly together. “Yes, a couple times my dates have ended. A few times have been because of my–err–visions. I warn in my profile what could happen but some people don’t believe it or understand. Then sometime last autumn a woman wanted something I didn’t want to do, and I stated explicitly in my profile I don’t do.” When Arty just waited for more I coughed. “BDSM. I don’t care if there’s some tying up or, uh, spanking, but more than that I just don’t feel okay doing and this woman really pushed for more and I ended the date.”

She had more questions though some of them as soon as I started answering she’d stop me because it was TMI. Most of them were along the lines of trying to figure out the why. I did my best to explain to her that I liked making people happy and giving them their night or nights of pleasure. Some people were lonely and were willing to pay for companionship, or some people–most people–wanted some sex, if not from me they’d pick someone else. I didn’t feel guilty.

Finally her questions seemed to end. “I still don’t get why you do this instead of a normal job.” She folded her hands in her laps and frowned. “It just seems so… gross… sleeping with strangers all the time.”

“Eh. People have casual hookups all the time. I get paid for it.” We sat in awkward silence for nearly a full minute. “You don’t hate me, do you?”

“No. You’re my brother, I couldn’t hate you!” Arty gave me a bit of a smile. “I think it’s disgusting but it’s your life, your body. It’s better than being a crooked politician or embezzling CEO or something.”

Arty and I hugged tightly before she left. I thought that was that until Grandpa fixed dinner. We sat down to eat like normal but before I even got through two bites Grandpa blurted out that Grandfather had accidentally overheard the conversation Arty and I had earlier.

“What?! Accidentally? Or purposefully?”

Grandpa stared at me with huge, huge eyes. “An accident I promise! He doesn’t stay by my side all the time, sometimes I need some alone time, sometimes he does.” He began poking his food fervently with his fork. “So you, um, you… you…”

I bowed my head and began massaging my forehead. I felt too tired to dance around this. “Yeah, I get paid to date people and sleep with them.” I peeked up past my hand to see his reaction.

He just kept staring with those big eyes. “Are you happy with your life doing this?”

“Well, sorta. I mean like, if something better fell in my lap that gave me as much money for similar hours, I wouldn’t say no… but I am as happy with this job as I would be with any other, I imagine. Happier than being in the business world like Piotr, that’s for sure.”

“Oh. Ok!” He smiled and began eating again.

“Is that it?! Is that all you’re going to say?”

“What do you want me to say?” he asked.

“Your grandson just told you he’s a gigalo and you’re just, okay with that?”

“Why not? It’s nothing I’d ever do. I’ve only ever been with Specter.” He turned to smile at the air. “Only one I ever really wanted to be with, really.” Now he bent forward to look me in the eye. “It’s not something I’d choose for you, of course, and I’d like it more if you were, uhhh, if you had a different job. But, um, yeah, as long as you’re happy with your choice than I can’t complain too much.”

I let out a long, relieved sigh. Then he added, “Your grandfather’s not as happy but he’s just worried about meeting up with strangers. But I think you can handle yourself. Stop scowling at him, Specter, it’s not our decision. He said he’s happy so we should accept that. Well I doubt he meets people in dark alleyways! You know, you chose a lifestyle that threw yourself into danger for a long time so you can’t just–oh stop that, it was so dangerous! After we got together I was worried about you lots and lots and you were SO in danger sometimes! Stop it!” Grandpa shook his head and then continued arguing with his dead husband for almost the entire meal.


Well with Arty, Kiley, and Grandpa all knowing the truth I figured I should let the rest of my family know. I told Reeny first. Her nose wrinkled up and like Arty she had some questions (not as many as Arty though). She wasn’t as accepting as Grandpa but not as disgusted as Arty.

“Just be careful, and if you ever need to get out of a situation call me,” she said.

Next I talked to Dad. I was worried most about this conversation since I had no idea how he’d take it. He was very shocked when I admitted everything and gave him my reasons. He wanted some time to process the information and the next few times I saw him he would give me this upset look. I knew I had disappointed him and that hurt more than Arty’s disgust. After a couple weeks he began talking to me again though it seemed a bit strained. When we properly chatted about it he admitted a big part of it was anxiety like Grandfather: worried about me meeting up with strangers from the internet.

“I’ll never understand it… but…” Dad hesitated then laughed. “Jeez.”


“Your father…”

“What about him?” I asked.

“I can just see him now, complaining about this and being a total hypocrite.”

“Hypocrite?! Did he ever–” I stopped myself, utterly bewildered at Dad’s words. “What do you mean?”

“Oh come on. Lucja Rutkowski is a nice woman but you honestly don’t believe she and your father ever felt romance between them? No, she was pretty much his sugar mama.”

If I had a drink I would’ve spit it out all over myself.


After my family found out the truth things felt better. For the most part. Sure sometimes things would feel awkward between me and my sisters or father (and probably eventually Piotr but I hadn’t really told him yet). But at least I didn’t have to make up explanations for all my random dates. Or my money.

Speaking of money, Arty and Kiley’s wedding came up. I knew they had struggled to get the funds together for their wedding and I wanted to help out but they politely turned my offer down. So I bought them most their registry including some nice furniture they wanted. I knew they’d both yell at me when it was delivered but I didn’t care. I could afford to give them these things, why shouldn’t I?

Artemis and Kiley got married on September first, a little over a year since they started dating. The morning of when I went to our dad’s house I bumped into Arty in the hall. It was the split-second vision I had a long time ago. She stood in her wedding dress and looked completely beautiful.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married,” I said and put my arms around her tightly.

“I can’t either,” she breathed out, a few tears coming to her eyes. “I’m so lucky to have found Kiley…!”

The wedding was wonderful. They exchanged vows and rings, kissing under a shower of flower petals. Watcher! Arty and Kiley. Kiley was now my sister-in-law!

“And I couldn’t be happier,” I told them at the reception and gave them both hugs and kisses on their cheeks. Kiley’s eyes shone while Arty grinned all embarrassed.

Our friends from school had been invited. Blake, Eli, Varuna, Booker, and Ginny especially, although Lilah had been unable to make it. It was awesome seeing them all again except for Eli who looked even thinner and paler and spent pretty much the entire time with a deep frown on his face. Varuna kept arguing with him like they always did in school but he’d just shrug.

They were all invited to Sam and Reeny’s wedding, too, six months later. Now this wedding hit me a bit harder than Arty and Kiley. Sam was my best friend, pretty much my brother! And I stood next to him while he held my sister’s hands and told her how much he loved and adored her. They also exchanged some sort of elvish vows. None of us really understood what they were saying but it was still beautiful.

Their reception was small and held outside despite the very cold February weather. At least the sun was shining even if there was snow everywhere. Dad was so happy and emotional he didn’t even scowl once at being outside so much (although Arty grumbled about the insanity of our sister having an outdoor February reception in ankle deep snow).

That evening after everything was said and done, Sam offered for me and our friends to come back to their place to hang out.

“What?” Blake cried out. “Hang out while you two get it on? Nah!”

Sam punched him in the arm. “No! Come on, we rarely get to see one another anymore, and Eli is leaving tomorrow morning. So I think we should all visit.”

“But what about the wedding night?” Booker asked with a yawn.

“Plus we all hung out at your boring, stripper-less bachelor party last night,” Blake added.

Sam punched him again. “Boring? You got blind drunk and kept trying to kiss my fridge and you told it you loved it.”

“It had pizza in it.”

“If you don’t want to hang out that’s fine, but I’d love it if we could visit some more.”

We did end up hanging out at his and Reeny’s house along with a bunch of college friends of Reeny’s. Blake got blind drunk again and this time tried to kiss one of Reeny’s friends who seemed more than happy to reciprocate. We had an absolute blast playing video games, dancing to music videos,and playing stupid games that got us all laughing.

At about four in the morning when things were winding down Reeny took me aside. “I’m glad you’re okay with all this.”

“I’ve been having fun tonight!”

My sister chuckled. “No, I mean, me and Sam. Ever since I realized I had feelings for him I’ve been worried about how you’d react. Even when you seemed fine while we were dating… to be honest, a little part of me wondered if our wedding would make you realize we were… you know, getting married.”

I put my hands on her arms. “Reens I couldn’t imagine a better wife for Sam, and I couldn’t imagine a better husband for you.”

“Because we’re both elves or because he’s asexual so you won’t go all weird brother?”

“First of all, I’d never go ‘weird brother’. Because you two are incredible together.” Our eyes met and I gave her a big smile. “Anyone can see that. No matter what. Okay?”

“Thank you.”

We hugged each other then I gave Sam a hug and then Booker drove the guys back to my place where they’d been staying. Blake crooned some sort of love song while Eli just looked grimly out the window as if he expected something to happen.


Sam and I still hung out all the time and often Kiley joined us. Sometimes I looked at them and felt shock that they were both related to me now, officially. Yet it felt right. It had always been meant to be. In fact when I began planning a big summer vacation I invited my sisters and their spouses to come along without needing to help pay for the rented house, just gas and food. They all seemed uncomfortable until I gave in a bit about the rented house. Artemis still frowned about it but they agreed, and we began planning a big two week long vacation to Sunlit Tides.

However just as we started the planning I had a vision. A horrible vision. I was on a date when this vision hit and when I came to I found the woman kneeling next to me, a cold washcloth in hand.

“I didn’t know what to do,” she said, eyes huge. “You said–some things–“

“I know,” I gasped, struggling to get to my feet. “I’m sorry I have to go, I’m so sorry. If you want to do this again sometime you won’t need to give me anything.”

“Oh! I understand. Yes, that’d be fine.”

I grabbed all my clothes, apologized once more, then got a cab as quick as I could. I paid the driver extra to hurry. I called Sam and explained to him about the vision as well as my plans. “Have you called him?” Sam asked through a yawn though I could hear him getting dressed as he spoke.

“No, I’d rather say this to his face. I’ll give you a text. I think he’ll agree.”

We got to my place and I threw a lot of money at the cabbie and ran in. My heart felt ready to leap out of my throat. How could I say this? I had failed once before. I couldn’t fail again. Memories of Aunt Lumie filled my head as I ripped open Grandpa’s door.

It took me a moment to wake him up. Watcher. He looked so innocent and young as he sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Grandpa… I’m sorry to wake you up I just, I had a vision and it involved you.”

His mouth formed an ‘o’. “What’s wrong, Poliwag?”

I reached out and took his hands. “It’s your sister. Something’s happened, or will happen. She’s going to… to pass away… in twelve hours…”


Sam drove us to Green Valley, where my great-aunt lived. Grandpa called immediately after I told him about my vision. My vision had been him receiving a phone call and how he slid down to the floor crying. He said out loud ‘My sister just died’, probably to Grandfather. I had noticed behind him the calendar (he always Xed the days off) and the clock.

In any case, Grandpa called and found out that his sister was in the hospital. She had felt weak and had been having a lot of issues walking because everything was dizzy. They thought something was wrong with her heart.

Grandpa cried into my shoulder for most the trip while Sam pretty much ignored the speed limit signs. Green Valley was several hours away and we didn’t have that much time. He had talked to his nephew, Michael, and Michael had promised that his mother felt good. Grandpa didn’t mention the vision.

“I didn’t wanna scare him,” Grandpa croaked out. “I should have visited her more often. I didn’t see her much, not recently.”

“Already my vision’s been changed with us leaving our house to be there,” I said, squeezing Grandpa. “So the rest could change.”

Could,” he sniffled.


In the end the rest of my vision didn’t change. Great-Aunt Miracle still passed away at the time I had guessed. She had a heart attack and just couldn’t survive. However instead of Grandpa hearing it over the phone, he was in the room with her. He had talked to her in her last hours and held her hand until the Reaper showed up to take Miracle’s soul to the Nether.

Because Sam and I didn’t have ‘regular’ jobs we stayed in Green Valley for the week. I canceled my plans and all Sam had to do was let Reeny know which of course she was more than okay with.

“I’m so happy you can be there for Grandpa,” she told him.

Great-Aunt Miracle’s memorial service was huge. Her late husband had been a beloved pastor of the community so practically half the valley came to pay their respects. Grandpa spoke at the service, recalling the few, spotty memories he had of his childhood with his big sister. Then he sat next to me nodding his head as his nieces and nephew spoke about their mother. Commanding, strong, stubborn. Kick down the door if she thought you needed help. Later after the graveside service Grandpa told me about how she had searched for him nonstop for literally decades.

“I was never a good enough brother to her,” he said when he finished.

Sam put his hand on Grandpa’s shoulder. “If she spent so much time searching for you, it sounds like you were more than good enough for her.”

Grandpa broke down in more tears at that.

And when we got home I hugged Reeny tightly, hugged Arty tightly, hugged Angel tightly, and called Piotr to let him know how much I cared and how happy I was to have them as my siblings.

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Sorry it’s taking so long I didn’t want it to be this way, I am just so tired all the time, and depression is really kicking my butt this month which is extra awful since October is my favorite month. I’m just really struggling right now and I know you guys will probably tell me to stop worrying/focus on my health first. I’m trying. But I do want to keep you updated on why there’s been nothing from me.

Plus my dogs have been in Extra mode lately, especially Sylvie. I can’t turn my back on her for a minute! They try to destroy the couch if left alone in the living room. And Sylvie also tries to destroy everything else! She chewed up a cover for my switch and left toothmarks on a JoyCon, she ate part of an aluminum stylus, a pen, three pairs of shoes, chewed on a bluetooth keyboard fora tablet, and best of all, utterly D E S T R O Y E D my phone.

You might be able to see there’s a tooth mark EMBEDDED in the phone in this next pic

Plus a couple other cracks that didn’t show up on camera well. So Thurs dad took me to get a new phone and I hated it and since it was just like, 24 hours, I was able to exchange it for a better phone with no extra fee. So now I have a new phone I actually like and have to try to keep it away from my little Tooth Tornado. I have to keep EVERYTHING from her. She has bones and she gets a decent amount of exercise so I don’t know what’s wrong :\

So trying to keep up with her plus depression plus work plus plus plus…. sigh… I just feel… so overwhelmed and exhausted and just… I need to stop talking about this before I have another breakdown xD


Sorry for that rambling

I’ll post again as soon as I can

Y’all when I finally get to the next gen, I swear xD at least, me when I get to the next gen

I love y’all ❤ ❤ more than I can even begin to describe, you guys are amazing and patient and deserve awards and cookies!


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Hey guys so me and my best friend decided to do a collab legacy! The prologues are now out! I am super excited for this.

You can find it here!

It’s a post-apocalyptic rainbow legacy. Whee!


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I Wanna Dream – 8.33 – Caught

As it turned out Sam and Reeny weren’t officially dating. Yet. Sam and I stayed up late talking that night. He explained to me that he admired Reeny very much and recently found out she admired him as well. They had gone on a couple of dates and were discussing the idea of making their interest in one other into an official relationship.

“You’re not gonna give me the ‘be good to my sister or else’ speech are you?” Sam asked, hands twisting in his lap.

“Sam, c’mon! If I gave that speech to anyone I’d warn Reeny to be good to you or else.” I smacked my friend on the arm. “I’m fine with you dating Reeny. Sorry how I acted earlier it just weirds me out the idea that both my closest friends are dating my sisters. You gotta admit, it sounds like a sitcom plot! How did Kiley even know though? Has Reeny told Arty?”

Sam shook his head. “We’ve spoken to no one yet, until we come to a decision. I’m guessing Kiley just took a guess. She sees love and lust in everything.”

I had to agree with that. “So, why take so long to make a decision?”

“Oh. I suppose that does sound weird. But… in the society I was raised in, things were more serious about relationships. Especially–especially for me.” He furrowed his brow at those words. “I’ve told Reeny extensively my history. I want her to understand the possibilities, as far-fetched as they are.”


“Well. Unless my parents have another kid then my uncle will inherit the throne and there’s the chance he’ll send assassins after me. Or, someone else in the clan might come find me to see if I’d still be king.”

“You really think you’ll be killed? For a throne you can’t inherit, and won’t?” I asked and Sam remained silent. “Or… would you?”

“No, probably not…”


Sam gave me a rather weary look. “I don’t know what I’d do if my mother died unexpectedly and someone came for me to come back and take over. I might. I spent years wanting to change things in my home. But it would mean waiting till my mother died and unless something happened that would mean a very, very long time. We–we live a long time you know.” I nodded and Sam continued. “So if someone showed up tomorrow asking me to go back, it’d be tempting. But the likelihood is very slim. Assassins are more likely. My uncle is a bit obsessive.”

“You have an uncle that would be willing to kill for the throne?” I asked.

Now Sam grinned. “Positively Shakespearean, eh? Most kings and queens in my clan only have one child to prevent this. After all, if the child dies then the parents have probably a century or two to try again. My grandparents had three. Thankfully my other uncle has no interest in the throne, he’s mostly interested in trying to discover a new, edible use for daffodils.”


It took a couple more weeks but finally one day Sam came home from work with a blissful smile. “We’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend!” he said.

Kiley shrieked and jumped up and down, hugging him tightly. “Congrats! It’s about time, you two! Aw hell, can you imagine if you two get married and me and Arty get married, we’ll all be related? And Apollo will still be the baby.”

“You’re already acting like a sister, jeeeez!” I complained as she and Sam laughed.


Eventually through the month the rest of the family found out about Sam and Reeny. Nobody was really shocked. Nobody was really shocked either when Arty brought Kiley home one day and casually said they were girlfriends. The only bad thing was that now all eyes were on me, waiting for me to bring someone over. Dad and Suzanne sometimes talked about nice young single girls at work. Grandpa kept talking about the cashier at the game store he went to often and how sweet she seemed. I’d just smile at their suggestions and never follow up. I was fine with my life. And so was my bank account.

In January Sam moved in with Reeny and Kiley suggested Arty move to our apartment. That’s when I decided to look for my own place.

“I don’t want to chase you out!” Kiley said sadly.

“Nah, it’s not that. I just feel like I want my own place.” Actually what I wanted was privacy. I loved Arty but I knew she’d really question my going ons if we lived together again. Plus no matter how happy I was for them it still felt weird. The girl I slept with now dating my big sis. I’d prefer to just let them have their space.

So I moved back to my dad’s house while Arty moved to the apartment with Kiley. Angel seemed overjoyed as this arrangement since she now had the entire big bedroom to herself and she also had me there all the time. In order to keep everyone’s suspicions down I only went on my dates occasionally. Which urged me into finding my own place quickly. As it turned out the money I saved in addition to a small loan from the bank meant that after a few weeks of looking I landed myself a house.

House. Not apartment. Not duplex. Not rented. Owned. My house, an actual house, my own house. It wasn’t huge but had a lot of room to grow if that’s what I desired. The kitchen wasn’t very big at all but since all my ‘cooking’ would be by microwave, toaster, or uncooked that really didn’t matter. The garage was pretty run down but I was just gonna have it torn down anyway. It was also supposedly haunted (one reason I could afford it) but I just brought grandpa and grandfather with me and they both declared the place ghost free.

“Except your grandfather!” Grandpa giggled. “But he’s not staying.”

“Are you sure?” I asked and Grandpa looked confused. “I was gonna offer one of the rooms for you two.”

“What? Really?”

“Yes,” I said brightly. “I’d be more than glad if you lived here with me. If you’d rather stay with Dad I understand, but with all of your grandkids gone…”

“Oh, Poliwag, just because Noah’s not my, um, bilogic… um, blood kid he’s still my kid, I’ve known him since he was eighteen! He’s family, just like Sam is even though Sam and Reeny aren’t married yet. And Angel’s my granddaughter too.”

I put a hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“You didn’t,” he promised, reaching up to take my hand. “I’m so happy with your offer but you don’t want an old man and his dead husband around here. You’re young! You don’t want me around when you bring a girl home.”

“That’s not going to happen.”

“You won’t want me when you bring a boy home.”

Now I began laughing. “That’s not going to happen either.”

“Oh. Oh! Are you… um… uh…”

“No. I… I love someone who is gone. Like you and grandfather, though–though she’s not dead.” Grandpa just stared at me and I sighed. “It was sorta love at first sight. We never dated. She–she was… forced… into an arranged marriage… her parents… Oh, never mind. It doesn’t matter. I still love her, and only her. Maybe one day I’ll find someone else but I doubt it’ll be anytime soon.”

Grandpa’s head went to one side, his face scrunched up. “But you go on dates all the time! You were always going off every weekend.”

“Yes. I–I like going out. It’s casual. Very casual.”


I winced at that word. I nearly began denying even that. “Yeah, sometimes,” I said carefully. I didn’t think Grandpa would take offense to the idea of me having casual sex, however I wasn’t sure how he’d react to me having paid sex especially with me being the one paid.

“Well…” Grandpa looked around the room we were in then at the air. “What do you think? Yeah. I agree.” Now Grandpa turned back to me. “We’ll need to think about it and also talk about it with Noah and Suzanne. Only if you’re sure though. With Angel going off to school now…”

“Grandpa I am positive. I would love you living here with me.”


Grandpa ended up moving in with me. I put in more money than I normally would have to get the second bedroom fixed up. Grandpa helped out too, though I did make it clear that while I didn’t care if he helped fund his bedroom he would not be paying any of the bills. He pouted and grumbled but gave in pretty easily. I thought I won until he told me to my face, “I’ll just give you a bigger share in my will.”

Living with Grandpa was pretty great. He liked to cook so it turned out the stove got use! Though that did mean using more money to fix the kitchen up. I replaced the stove with a better one and added in a couple more counters to give him more space. He’d fix breakfast and lunch, and we’d eat both meals together. Sometimes dinner depending on my dating lineup. He’d tell me stories about his life (though the memories of his early years were spotty). He told me about the day he became human.

“It was the best for two reason. I became human and also that’s when Specter first told me he loved me. He burst into the room like a big hairy bear cause his beard was super bushy and he told me he loved me.” Grandpa beamed as he spoke. “He’s never been good with talking about feelings.”

He talked about raising all the kids, about taking care of a werewolf, the shock of finding out he’d be having twins. He did talk a lot about my father and Aunt Lumie. Sometimes he grew sad talking about them but usually he had a smile on his face. He also told me stories about my dads’ college days. I bust a gut laughing at the drunk phone calls that my father sometimes sent to Grandpa.

So things with him went wonderful. If he noticed anything unusual about me dating a lot he never said anything. He did have questions about the money but I fended those questions off with pointing out how popular my blog was getting. Because man, it had exploded after one of my predictions came true in a noticeable way.

Most my visions were either from the past so it couldn’t be confirmed I could see the future, or else small things that could not be checked. But then in January I had a vision of an earthquake destroying a somewhat famous building in Sunspot Desert, a small town near Lucky Palms. I described the way the building fell into the ground, the way the sign swung off the building and knocked over a truck. So on and so forth. Well someone was recording when the earthquake hit in February and every single thing I wrote about in my blog post happened. I had hundreds of subscribed followers and thousands of daily views. I set up a donation button and while I didn’t get half of what I got from my nights in the bedroom, I got a somewhat decent amount. I didn’t tell anyone just how much I got from those donations so I led everyone on to believe I made more from that than I really did.


“I’ve been wanting to come to this place for aaaages but I’ve always been too embarrassed to go alone!” My date held my hand as she guided me through the front hall of the club we were going to. Weird indie music floated from the main room. “We don’t have to stay all night though, I doubt you’ll like the music.”

“Ah, Sandra, the music isn’t as important as the company, so I’m sure to have a wonderful night!”

Sandra turned to face me, her cheeks pink. “You’re just saying that.”

“I mean it. If the company is terrible I have to force myself to even smile. Women like you, it makes everything so much better.”

The pink spots darkened and I bent in to kiss the side of her mouth. “Oh. Oh, come on,” she said, her voice high and fluttery. I smiled and allowed her to finish guiding me to the main room. I did lie a little bit. The music was a bit too weird for my taste and so I did need to concentrate on keeping my face in cheerful mode instead of ‘what the hell is this noise’ mode.

Except that changed when we passed the dance floor. My face froze completely as did my body. Sandra stopped when I did and studied me curiously. Her eyes followed my gaze. “Do you know one of them?”

“Ah–it d-doesn’t matter.”

“Wait, that one looks like she could be your twin. Oh! Is she your twin?”

“My sister…”

I watched as Arty and Kiley did some sort of weird dance to the weird music. They hadn’t spotted me yet. “Should we leave? We can leave.”

“No, you’ve been wanting to come here. We’ll stay.”

We went over to the bar where Sandra ordered two drinks. I held mine tightly in my hand as I prayed neither of them noticed me. The club was a bit too small and not crowded enough for that prayer to be answered unless luck was completely on my side. Which it wasn’t.

“Apollo?!” Both girls came towards me, breathing heavily from their dancing. “What are you doing here?” Arty asked, eyes darting towards my date. Sandra wasn’t conventionally pretty with rather pinched facial features and widely set apart eyes, plus she was obviously at least fifteen years older than me (actually she was older than that). Both my sister and her fiancee (a new change to their relationship) looked utterly puzzled.

“Hey guys!” I plastered a huge smile on my face. “What are you doing here?”

“This is my favorite band,” Arty said, indicating the group playing up on the stage. “How about you? I thought you hated this sort of music.”

“I’m on a date. This is Sandra. Sandra, this is my sister, Arty, and her fiancee, Kiley.” It felt incredibly strange introducing them but it would have been stranger not to. Arty and Kiley exchanged hellos and handshakes with Sandra.

“How long have you two known each other?” Kiley inquired, more towards me.

“We just met recently,” I put in quickly as my two different lives collided like fighting rams. “This is our first date. So, uh, if you don’t mind…?” They took the hint and moved back to the dance floor. I took a long swig of my drink while Sandra opened and closed her mouth with no words coming out. “It’s fine, we can stay,” I assured her.

But the date seemed to go downhill from there. Arty and Kiley kept looking over towards us which Sandra knew. We danced for a while, had a couple more drinks, then finally left. I apologized to her in the car but she said she didn’t mind she still had fun.

“Look, how about we go back there again next week?” I offered. “You don’t need to pay for anything.”

“We’ll see.”

The date continued well into the night and after our fourth round of drinks and third round of sex we both had forgotten the unpleasantness. I stumbled outside to where my taxi waited. I nearly fell asleep by the time I got home and it took more effort than it should have to get inside. I stunk of booze, sweat, and sex; normally I’d get a shower but this time I just collapsed exhausted into bed, fully dressed.


In the morning I slept in pretty late. I woke up in time for a delicious lunch Grandpa prepared. He asked about my date and I said it had gone nice and we might date again. Grandpa just nodded and didn’t ask any other questions, knowing I’d just fend them off. I did have another date lined up that night so I felt very frustrated when Arty showed up about the time I needed to get ready.

“I don’t have time to talk,” I said as she walked in.

“How did last night go?”

“Fine,” I said, getting up angrily. “Now please, go chat with Grandpa? I really need to–“

“Need to what?” Arty asked, eyes narrowed as she focused on me.

“Get ready.”

“For what?” She sat down in the living room and crossed her legs and her arms. “Sit down please.”

I grit my teeth but obeyed, not wanting to fight. “What?”

“Who was she? She wasn’t really the sort of girl I’d expect you to date.”

“Because she’s not drop dead gorgeous according to society’s standards?”

Arty groaned. “That and she’s what, twice your age? I called last night but it just went to voicemail. I called here and Grandpa said you weren’t back. At one in the morning? What did you two…?”

“We had sex,” I said bluntly and Arty gave the appropriate shocked response. “What? You’re telling me you didn’t go back and fool around with Kiley?”

“That’s different!” Arty got to her feet and began pacing, obviously stressed out now (good). “We’re engaged. We’ve known each other for–for ages. You just met this gir–woman. Woman! Twice your age! Isn’t she? Isn’t she?” she pushed when I remained silent. I just gave a small nod and she threw her hands in the air. “Twice your age! Forty years old! Why? Is she rich or something?”

“Actually, yes.”

Now disgust took over her shock. “What? A–Apollo, no! You didn’t! You couldn’t!”

I got up and went over to her. The curtain had been yanked back, revealing glimpses of my private life. I might as well just take the curtain away completely. “I’m not dating her because she is rich.”

“Ohhh, thank Watch–“

“I went on a date with her because she paid me.”

There, there it was. Out in the open. I had kept this secret for so long and finally someone had found out. I didn’t really need to tell her but I knew Arty, she would have pestered me about Sandra until she got the truth, and with her degree involving investigations it wouldn’t have taken too long. She was far too perceptive.

What?!” she gasped, covering her mouth with her hands. “WHAT?!”

“You heard me,” I replied calmly. “I’d appreciate it if you kept it quiet. Nobody else knows. Except Sam.”

She staggered back onto the couch. “What the hell? Are you telling me you’re–you’re–” She swallowed and seemed to go a bit paler. “This is going to sound ridiculous but you made it sound like you’re a–a–“

“A what? Prostitute? I prefer the term ‘escort’.”

“Shiiiiiiit noooo! No! Apollo no!” Now she was up again, almost in my face. “Nononono! You can’t be saying this, you can’t be! You’re lying! You’re lying!”

“Shhh! I’m not lying. You really thought I made all this money by fixing things and getting blog donations?” I waved my hand to indicate the living room. The set of furniture I had bought months ago. The huge TV. The house, even.

Arty closed her eyes. “No. I assumed you had seen something to do with scores of a game or a race, and gambled.” She let a quick, annoyed, huffy sort of sound. “You’re a hooker. You’re a freaking hooker.”

“Escort. Paid date. Yes. Speaking of which I do need to go get ready for tonight.”

“How long have you…?”

I pushed my hair back. “You want to know the details of me being an escort?”

“Just–how long?”

“It’ll be two years in August.”

Arty just stood there for a moment. I didn’t say anything, just waited for her to respond. Finally she did, just not how I wanted. “How could you do something like that? To yourself?! To the family?! IT’S DISGUSTING!” she snapped then whirled around and stormed out of the house. Well, shoot.


Author’s note:

Sorry about the lack of club pictures, the game crashed in the middle of getting pics and since I didn’t save I didn’t feel like recreating the outfits :\

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Feedback please

Hey guys I’m having a lot of trouble and I need some feedback. For those of you caught up with Apollo’s story or are close to caught up, I need to know: if his story a mess? Is it bad? I feel so confused about it, it’s hard to write. So I’m hoping for some feedback? If it’s not I can push forward, if it is I can step back and try to fix things. I just really need some feedback on this.

Thank you


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Liebster Award!!

I got nominated for the Liebster award again and it just makes me so happy!


Thank you so much Livvielove (I hope that’s the right name?)

I am very out of the loop with sim writing so I don’t have anyone offhand I can nominate :\ I feel so bad about that, I really need to start reading again…!

Anyway, on to the questions!

1) What’s your favorite story telling aspect of the Sims (or just favorite aspect)?

I love how weird I can get! I mean the whole premise for Danevbies was ALIENS! I’ve always loved the aliens in the sims series. I never intended for Danevbies to get so supernaturally inclined but I just adore that I can use the game for some really wild story telling!

2) What was the inspiration that made you start the story currently occupying your headspace?

Oh man I’m not sure which story to talk about! I have several that are always in my head. For Danevbies, the gen I am currently on is gen eight and honest… I’m not sure! I really thought it’d be cool to have a “seer” although Apollo’s gen kinda got really jumbled. I’m hoping to pull it back together though. But I’m offtrack. I think the story I’ve wanted to write via sims since I first found sim writing is the heartbreaker gen of a Differences in the Family Tree gen. I read the rules and as soon as I read the rules for the heartbreaker gen I had this character and their story just pop in my head. That’s where a lot of my inspiration comes from it just randomly pops in my head. I’m babbling though sorry.

3) What’s your favorite food?

Aw man. Probably pizza! I could eat pizza every day! When I started working at a pizza diner 2 years ago my mom told me I’d finally get sick of pizza but nope I still love it!

4) If you could have any aspect added to the Sims game that isn’t already there (via mods OR EA content) what would it be and why?

For sims 3 honestly I would take from sims 4. I don’t like sims 4 very much but I LOVE the fact that clothes can be put on anyone no matter their body! Like those who have a sims “female” body wearing sims “male” clothing and sims “males” wearing sims “female” clothing…! That is something I would love to be able to do in sims 3. In the future sims games though? I would just love if they made aging a little less jolting? Like I don’t mind the sparkles spin older! But maybe if they somehow did a growing aspect so it’s not one day you’re a little toddler and the next day you look like you’re eight and then suddenly you’re sixteen. A growing up aspect would be amazing.

5) How long have you played the Sims for? What’s your favorite sims-related memory?

Hmm. It was 2005ish? I saw the sims stuff a lot earlier and was very interested in it! But I just was never able to get the game. In 2005 I saw my friend playing sims 2 and he’d let me play when I visited. I loved it. In 2006 he let me borrow the base game disc and I put it on my computer but I soon gave it back cause I felt weird keeping it. Then in 2007 I got the sims 2 deluxe (base game + night life) when it came out and started getting all the expansions. I think my favorite memory… well, I have two! One is obviously starting Danevbies! The other is from sims 2. Before I had the game when my friend and I would play, and another friend. We were doing a tabletop RPG at the time so we made our characters in sims 2. We put the characters on free will and all three of them acted completely in character! It was great! It made me realize just how incredible the game was! I mean I was already hooked but that moment, seeing our RPG characters in sims 2 acting like our RPG characters, was just wow.

6) What’s your favorite movie/book/song (one of each, or many if you can’t decide like me!)?

Oh man so many! For movies I love Jurassic Park a lot it’s just so nostalgic for me. But I also love a lot of others. For books I’d either pick something by Diana Wynne Jones or else “Bellwether” by Connie Willis. And for songs… my favorite is probably “You Are The Moon” by the Hush Sound (which if anyone read the Danning legacy is Jacob and Kay’s song ;P and now that I am listening to it I really wanna get back to writing Dannings)

7) What Simlit story are you currently all about, and please leave a link so we can read it too? (I just had to send this question along, such a good question to help build my SimStory library!)

Unfortunately I’m not really reading any SimLit at the moment :\ I’ve been so out of touch with the community and so busy between work and taking care of my dogs. The last one I was reading before I stopped again was the Windsor Legacy and also anything by ViolinCat is good I think I was working on Our Different Paths

8) What are you really excited for?

POKEMON GOLD AND SILVER IS COMING OUT IN THE ESHOP OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR THAT!!!! Pokemon Silver is SUPER important to me and means a LOT to me and I just oh my gosh. I’m also really excited for the gen nine heir vote for Danevbies! Especially since the last vote was kind’ve a disaster and just turned into a big mess. Also excited that one day eventually soon I’ll get to meet my best friend who means the world to me in the real life??

9) Where would you go if you could visit anywhere in the UNIVERSE?

Hmm if I can take someone with me and make their journey 100% comfortable I would take my mom to Ireland because she wants to go back SO BAD!!! But if it’s just me then definitely to Wisconsin for special reasons 😛 aka to visit my best friend xD

10) Is there anything you wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self about? Why?

I’d be too afraid of creating a paradox/time loop/whatever. But if it was guaranteed not to cause anything like that then I’d tell my younger self to start doing youtube gaming stuff way back when it was just starting to get going! Cause MAN I’d love to get into youtubing but I don’t have much time now so it would have been cool to start from the get go, you know? I don’t know if I could handle telling my younger self anything really heavy and deep though.

11) This isn’t really a question, but I’d like to ask for you to compliment yourself/your story here. So many people don’t remember to compliment themselves for all the hard work they do!



I’m really proud of the Redding twins and their personalities! And Chance. He is just so amazing and cute and perfect.

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I Wanna Dream – 8.32 – Arty’s Secret

January went by and at the end Angel had her birthday, aging up to five. She totally flipped when she opened my present to her: one of those kid vehicles, a flashy pink convertible. Dad and I shoveled and cleaned off the driveway so she could drive around outside, squealing with joy every time she took a turn. After my fancy gifts at the holidays and now this my family seemed more than interested in where I got my money. I just chuckled and muttered something about doing odd jobs.

A week later tragedy struck. Kiley lost her baby. I was on a date when she called, shrieking hysterically. I cut the date short and hurried back to the house. Sam and I got her to the hospital but it was too late. That night was horrible. We stayed at the hospital even though we weren’t allowed in Kiley’s room. As soon as the nurses allowed us we both went in and sat on either side of her, holding her hand. She just stared blankly ahead. I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t say anything. No words would help ease her grief.

After she came back I stayed with her for several days. I took care of her the best I could. Mostly I just held her while she cried.

“Is it my fault?” she whispered one day. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing you did,” I assured her, rubbing her back. “These things happen, it’s nothing you did. It’s not your fault.”

Kiley withdrew more into herself and stopped speaking except to blame herself. She barely ate anything and when she did her movements were mechanical. I didn’t know what to do to help her. Then it turned out I did something very good for her: I talked to my grandpa, wanting his advice. He hung up on me and within ten minutes was at my house.

“Where is she?” he asked, tottering in on the invisible arm of grandfather.

“Grandpa, what are you doing here?”

“Helping someone,” was all he replied and he sat down on the couch with Kiley. I stayed away while they talked but whenever I looked in they seemed to get closer and closer until Grandpa was holding her while she sobbed into his chest. He stayed for a long time in there with her and after he left Kiley seemed to be doing a little better; he came by almost every day and often Kiley called him. I found out later that Grandpa had gone through a miscarriage as well, and was able to use his own experience to help Kiley through hers.


In March Kiley finally started reemerge into society. She looked for and found a job and after her first paycheck she tried to give the money to me and Sam.

“I haven’t paid a lick of rent since we moved in together,” she said, shoving the cash at Sam. “Take it. Take it!”

“Use it for food,” Sam said, gently pushing her hands away. “Or other things. Don’t worry about what you might owe us.”

“Might?” She put her hand on her hip, sticking it out. “I do owe you guys a shit ton of money! You said I could pay you back–“

“We didn’t mean your first paycheck!” I pointed out and she pursed her lips. “Look, use that for yourself and then we’ll work something out.”

Her face got very red. “I am not a freeloader.”

“No, you’re not.” Sam put a hand on her shoulder. “You are our friend. We would do the same for any of our other friends. Except Blake but that’s just because he’d fill the fridge with glitter.” Kiley managed a smile at that. “Next paycheck you can start paying rent.”

Kiley looked ready to keep arguing so I jumped in with, “How about you treat us to brunch tomorrow? To celebrate your first two weeks at the job.”

She perked up at that and gave in. The next day we had a nice brunch and Kiley actually chatted quite a bit and laughed at a few jokes. Afterwards she went back to being sad but in the evening she told me that it felt good to be like a regular person again.

“When Mr. DG (that’s what your grandpa said to call him when I felt weird calling him by his first name) told me that one day I’d find myself laughing again I just didn’t believe him. I still feel like I’m balancing on a high wire.” She slipped her arms around me and rested her cheek against my chest. “I am so grateful to have friends like you. I can’t imagine going through this with–with him.” She took in a quick breath. “I still fear he’ll find me.”

Shortly after we moved here Kiley’s father called saying that Zeus had been pestering him for Kiley’s address. The last time Zeus had done that, Mr. Williams threatened to call the cops if Zeus kept harassing him. Mr. Williams didn’t know the extent of what Zeus had done to his daughter but he did know Kiley wanted nothing to do with her ex.

“He won’t find you,” I said, “and no matter what you’ve got us here for you.”


Confessions of a Psychic

Predictions from a

Visions From A Tall Medium???

I crumpled the paper up and threw the ball in the trash. A blog. A stupid idea! I wasn’t even sure why I had even gotten as far as thinking of a title. Nobody would be interested in my visions, especially since I could barely remember any of them. And most of them were awful. Who wanted to follow a blog to read about deadly tornadoes that hadn’t happened yet, or vicious murders?

My mind wandered to Ashley. She had e-mailed me a couple times since I moved, questioning me about my visions. There were many people like her out there.

Visions From A Greek God

Did that sound too arrogant?

Oh, screw it.


Yeah I See The Future

Introductions – March 21st, 2228

I have no idea how to do this. I’m not a bloggy person. I’ve never really read blogs or anything but someone suggested I do a blog to talk about my visions so I guess I will. My name is Apollo and yeah I see the future. HA HA HA I know, how ironic? My dad didn’t name me because of my psychic visions. My sisters are named after goddesses. It’s complete coincidence. I guess I’ve had visions all my life. My dad told me even as a baby I’d start randomly crying and he’d come in to find my eyes completely solid. Oh that’s the physical change. When I have a vision the light green in my eyes takes over all my eyes, even the white parts.

Here’s how my visions work most the time: either they happen while I am asleep or I fall asleep when a vision decides to strike. I don’t experience falling asleep. For me it’s like one second I am standing there talking to my grandpa and the next I am standing in a funeral home seeing the future memorial service for my aunt. Oh man was that a fun vision! (spoilers: it wasn’t). Often in the ‘real world’, aka where I am asleep (that’s what it looks like to everyone else) I start talking about whatever is going on in these visions. Or shouting about them. Lately my visions can also happen when I am physically… close? to someone? Not necessarily intimate. The first time it happened I kissed someone and saw a vision of their future. Another time I was… you know, actually doing it and saw her future. BUT! It’s also happened while hugging my sister. I’ve seen a quick glimpse into my sister’s future from hugging her. It wasn’t a romantic sort of incestuous  hug (ew), just a regular hug between a brother and his dorky sister. But when I have these visions I don’t shout them. I don’t know why. I don’t know why any of this works the way it does but there you go.

Anyway, I left public school because of these visions. Not good for the class when some kid falls asleep and starts screaming about an oncoming tornado or mass murder. So I was homeschooled for a long time until I was accepted into a school for the Supernatural. Yeah the same school that was attacked and destroyed and all the kids (including me) kidnapped. Not a fun time. And why didn’t I see that happen before it did?

I DON’T KNOW! I can’t control my visions. I’ve seen the future with myself in it. I’ve seen visions of my friends. But they are all random. I can’t tell myself to have a vision. Zero control. Absolutely zero control. Also apparently I can’t warn myself.

Okay ready for a headache? I had a vision of myself in the future and my future self in the vision said nothing. Then later when I went through that experience I realized “Hey this is my vision, my past self is standing right there even though I can’t see him, I am going to warn him that the school is gonna be destroyed”. I open my mouth and nothing happens. I can’t speak. I can hardly breathe! My chest hurts. Once the vision ‘ended’ I could move again. I felt so sick and dizzy and awful. Another vision I had of myself in the future my future self started to warn me but my vision stopped before any real information could be had.

Okay I know that is all really confusing. Basically it boils down to: no control over my visions, I can’t warn myself, and half the time I don’t remember my visions anyway. I’ve kept a journal about my visions and that’s what I was encouraged to do in school. Write down my visions.

Sometimes I’ve thought of warning people. Trying to find these people in my visions and say “Hey by the way on this date and at this time you’re going to be brutally murdered with a rusty shovel”. By the way I was eleven when I had that particular vision. Eleven. Watching someone be brutally murdered by a rusty shovel. Sometimes I think I should see a therapist.

I guess that’s it for my first blog post, just a bunch of rambling from a… what am I, psychic? I don’t know what I technically “am”. One of my schoolmates could do the whole crystal ball thing. I guess she’d be classified more as a psychic than I am. I’m just… randomly hit by random visions. Kinda like being struck by lightning all the time.

Which by the way is going to happen to me.

Yep, I have seen my own future and I get hit by lightning and probably die. So whenever you guys think you’d like to be able to see the future, remember: it’s not all fun and games. It’s usually murder and death and knowing how you’ll die.



By the time the summer I turned 19 rolled around a few months later, two things had happened.

One, my blog became fairly popular. I had messaged Ashley in case she wanted to keep up with my visions and she shared it to some friends who were into the psychic thing and they shared it, and one of them shared it to some sort of psychic club. I had a steady several hundred views a day, and when I posted new posts it would go over 1,000. I had about 89 signed-up followers but there were several people who commented who didn’t follow so I didn’t know how many followers I actually had. I now posted like clockwork every Monday afternoon with a post about memories, thoughts, past visions, etc. Then usually once occasionally twice a week I’d also post with visions I had during the week.

Two, I became very popular with people looking for ‘professional’ dates. I had several regulars and enough new clients weekly that I had raised my price and my bank account began to grow pretty dang nicely. Sometimes I took jobs on every night, but more often than not by the time summer rolled around I only took five a week so I could have a couple days off to relax and… well, rest. A lot of sex really took it out of me.

No one in my family knew. Oh they were curious all right about where I got my money. I told them I just did odd jobs for people. When Arty found that out she said she had no idea I was handy. I just grinned and told her that I had found myself to be very good with my hands. Sam–standing a little ways behind Arty–covered his mouth and began shaking his head, giving me a dirty look.

Oh, I suppose a third thing had happened too. Arty and Kiley began hanging out a lot. They met one evening when Arty was actually spending time with her family instead of doing schoolwork. Kiley came to dinner and she and Arty hit it off really well. I did wonder if they were more serious than friends but then again I wasn’t 100% sure about Arty’s preference with dating. She dated a couple guys during high school but it never seemed to work out. Part of me didn’t care if they were but part of me couldn’t help but feel concerned that Kiley was just trying to latch on another Greek God/Goddess.

“So, what do you guys do?” I asked Arty one night when we were cleaning up the kitchen after a family dinner

She shrugged. “Stuff. We talk. Go out to clubs.” I nearly dropped the dish I was washing. Arty? Go to a club? “Stop looking at me like that. I do like to dance, you know. Besides, with classes over I have more free time.”

“Arty, you’re obsessed with your work; you never have free time.” I regretted my words when my sister flinched. “I mean…”

“You’re right. I was obsessed with getting my degree. But now I have it. I’ve got a job at the station I… I don’t know, I just feel like so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders.” She brushed her hair back, forehead a bit wrinkled as she stared at me. “I intend to have more time for the family. I promise.”

I went over and gave her a tight hug. “I just want you to be happy, sis.”


So as it turned out my sister was happy; happier than I knew until Kiley came in with the look on her face. I was sitting up waiting for Sam to get back. I expected him to be home a lot sooner than Kiley. Instead she came in with the look. I dropped the magazine I was reading and jumped to my feet.

“Watcher, you’re sleeping with my sister.”

Kiley reeled back, eyes huge. “Wh-what? Why would you say that?!”

“Kiley! We had sex for months. I know what that look in your face means. Unless you met someone while you were out but since you said it was just gonna be a dinner and a mov–oh Watcher, you are dating Arty, and now you’ve slept with her!”

She bit her lip and seemed to struggle with what to say. Denial? No, she settled on honesty. “So what if I am?”

I groaned loudly at those words. “Oh Watcher.”

“What?! I never thought you were gonna be the type to get all huffy just cause–“

“We need to talk.”

We moved closer to one another. Kiley had her arms tightly across her chest and she began tapping her foot, waiting. I sucked in some air. “Look. I like you. You’ve become one of my closest friends. But…”

“But what? She’s your sister? Sam’s dating Reeny and you don’t seem to care.”

“Just let me talk please. And Sam is not dating Reeny, they’re just friends.” I ran my fingers through my hair, knowing my next words were gonna hurt. I didn’t want to sound mean but it needed to be said. “You–you were initially attracted to me because of the whole ‘Greek heavens’ thing. That changed, but you’ve admitted that’s what made you want me in the first place. And that’s why you slept with Zeus, the asshole.”

“So?” Kiley stuck her chin out, her foot tapping harder.

“So? So? I just need to know that’s not… it’s not why…” My fingers pressed into my temples. “Please tell me that’s not why you’re dating Arty.”

“Why would that have anything to do with why I’m seeing Arty?” she demanded.

My hands dropped. “Because that’s part of why you and I ended up sleeping together and why you slept with the asshole!”

“Yes, but what’s it got to do with Arty?”

I felt a headache coming on now. “What? Are you even listening to me? I need to know that’s not why you’re seeing her!”

Kiley poked me in the chest. “You’re the one not listening, doofwad!” Great not only was she dating my sister she was picking up her nicknames for me. “I told you! It’s nothing to do with Arty because–why the hell would it?! I’m trying to move on with my life and find happiness myself instead of chasing after things Shoshanna told me ages ago, and I might be young but–I really like Arty. She’s smart and funny and damn hot! She… she makes me happy.” Another poke in my chest. “Don’t you dare try to ruin it by making it out like it’s got anything to do with that stupid prophecy, cause it’s not!”

My shoulders sagged in relief as I realized why she said this. “Kiley. What’s Arty’s name? Her full first name?”

Kiley shrugged. “Martina? Arthuria? I dunno. She’s never said.”

“Watcher.” I began laughing and that enraged Kiley even more. “Oh Watcher. So, you’ve met someone and are happy with her and it’s nothing to do with that stupid ‘Greek heaven’ thing, yes?”

YES! Watcher, you are being so stupid! You–“

“Her name is Artemis.”

Kiley’s jaw fell. In fact I think she stopped breathing altogether. Slowly she pulled her jaw up off the floor. “What?”

“Our dad–Zaid–named all his kids after Gods or Goddesses.”

“Wha? But… Eirene isn’t…”

“Eirene is the goddess of peace,” I explained as I wiped away my tears. “Eirene, Apollo, and Artemis. Also known as Arty. Watcher. Martina?!”

Kiley shoved her hands against me. Not very hard though I did stumble back, still laughing. “You’re lying! That can’t be… she… but…”

“You’ve fallen for a Greek goddess.”

She sank down on the couch, hands over her face. For a second I thought she might be crying but then she tipped her head back, laughter filling the air. “Fucking Shoshanna!”

I collapsed next to her and the two of us laughed for quite some time and were still laughing when Sam walked in. He grinned, shutting the door behind him. When he asked what was so funny Kiley got up, ponytail swinging.

“Apollo’s just found out both his roomies are dating his sisters!” Kiley gave another laugh. “Oh Watcher. Night guys!”

She ran off as I tried my best to catch my breath. Sam just stood frozen by the door. “Sorry. Yeah, Kiley and Arty are apparently a thing. Can you even imagine? Sorry about what she said though, I think she’s just wound up from… from…” My words trailed off as Sam remained frozen, a very panicked look on his face. “Oh. Oh no. Sam. No.”

“W–we were going t-to tell you… I swear we were…”

My smile faded and now I was the one sitting on the couch with my hands covering my face. My roomies… my two closest friends… were both dating my sisters. Watcher, what kind of screwed up after-school comedy show did I just enter?!

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