I Wanna Dream – 8.41 – Professor V’s Secret


Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see Danielle again. After she ran out crying and didn’t show up again for a while. Joy cried when she came back and found Danielle gone. She wandered around the house all evening wanting to know where her Dakky went. She hadn’t even called her Dakky in ages either.

Eirene stayed with us that night, her baby belly starting to show quite a bit (she was due around Joy’s birthday which would be pretty cool). She comforted Joy and expressed interest in what the heck was going on, but I didn’t dare tell her. Not yet. Maybe in the future if Danielle ever returned and we found out for sure whether she was somehow related to us.

Part of me knew. Just, something about her screamed Danevbie to me, screamed ‘Zaid’s daughter!’. I just hoped… that her addition into the family didn’t make anyone upset. Piotr fit in well to our family but we were all young. Dad had long ago insisted my father couldn’t have had another kid between Reeny and Arty and I didn’t want to upset him.

Danielle didn’t return that night, nor the next night, nor the night after that. My siblings and sibs-in-law took turns helping me take care of Joy, and on the night Sam was staying with me was the night Danielle returned. I answered the knocking door and saw immediately something had hurt her greatly. Before I could say anything, she hugged me tightly. I hesitantly hugged her back, not sure what this meant.

“Are you?” I asked when she pulled away.

Her lips twitched, though the half-smile never reached her eyes. “Yes and no.”

Sam took Grandpa and Joy out so again, Danielle and I could talk privately. I sat in absolute shock as she repeated everything that the professor had told her. Alternate universe struck me more than anything else. As it should have, just not in the way she expected. I covered my mouth with my hands and began pacing rapidly. Mr. Hunter’s voice filled my head.

Your visions see what is to happen in this world. So if something happened and someone crossed over from another reality and changed things, your visions wouldn’t–and couldn’t–account for such a thing.

Then, my own:

What if someone from another dimension came here a long time ago? Do you think their actions would be accounted for in my visions?

“Damn. He was right.”

“Who was right?” Danielle asked, tearing me from my thoughts. “About what?”

I licked my lips then sank back down next to her. “I’ll tell you in a minute, please continue.” I listened to the rest of her words and when she told me about the girl being my father’s wannabe murderer I became enraged. “So. Her family killed my father in an alternate dimension, and she tried again here?”

Danielle nodded as she wrung her hands together. “Apparently so,” she replied hoarsely. “Her parents killed my parents.” She ducked her head, sniffling. “Very fitting Zaid killed her in this world.”

“So, you are my half-sister. But you’re also not.”

“So it would seem,” she answered. “If I truly am… a Danevbie. The Professor doesn’t know for sure, he just hypothesizes based on what the vampire said and did.”

“Oh come on.” I reached over and took her hands in mine. “You can feel it too. We’re connected. You’re connected to us, all of us. To the Danevbies. You said so yourself, you’ve always felt this way.”

Danielle lifted her chin and her eyes shone with a few tears. “I suppose so. There are only two people who know for sure, and one of them is dead. The other one, I have no clue how to even begin to find him.”

“The vampire?” I asked and she nodded. “We can try. I can talk to Booker, for one. His family is very connected. We can find this vampire and talk to him. You can find out the truth.” I gave her hand a squeeze before letting go. “We can find out.”

“You’d help me with this?”

I smiled. “I’d do anything for family.” And I want to find out if this guy is involved in my changing vision from however-long ago.

Danielle gave another sniff then she hugged me tight, just for a few seconds. “At least we know his name so I guess it’s not a totally hopeless cause.”

“See? It shouldn’t take long, not with Booker helping,” I said cheerfully. “What’s his name?”

“Um. Coby? I think? Coby Valadez?…. what? What’s wrong?”

I closed my mouth as my jaw had dropped through the floor and into the earth. “Uh. Shit. I know him.” Now it was her turn to look shocked. “He was one of my teachers at Hunter’s Academy, Professor V.”

Danielle leapt up. “WHAT?! Y–you mean all those times I spent stalking you at school, and I was–was so close to–to the only person who knows the truth about me?!” She began breathing heavily and I half expected her to fall over. Then again, I half expected me to fall over. Professor V? From an alternate dimension? Rescuing my alternate dimension half sister?! AND HE NEVER TOLD ME?!

“Hey. Calm down, we know now. And… we’re gonna go. To Moonlight Falls. Now.”


Okay, we didn’t go immediately. It was evening anyway and by the time Joy, Sam, and Grandpa got back it was even later. Plus we had to pack and find a ride there. Danielle could teleport around, but it was too dangerous to have someone with her. And she couldn’t exactly teleport 100% safely on her own anyway. So we had to wait through the night and the next day we left, after I said a lengthy goodbye to Joy even though we would only be gone overnight at the longest. I also had to cancel a few dates.

Sam drove us, while Reeny was staying with Joy and Grandpa. During the drive to Moonlight Falls–to Hunter’s Academy–we filled him in what was going on. Sam kept shaking his head and muttering under his breath that he couldn’t believe it.

“You know, I thought you seemed a bit familiar when we met,” Sam said, looking into the rear view mirror at Danielle. “You being a Danevbie certainly explains it.”

A few hours later we rolled into Moonlight Falls, heading towards the house that Sam and I had stayed in–where Professor V had stayed in. Hopefully he was still here. If he wasn’t, surely Mr. Hunter knew where he had gone.

“Man, takes you back, doesn’t it?” I asked Sam as we parked near the house. “Though, I preferred the castle for sure.”

Sam sighed. “Same here. Remember when we first met?”

“You don’t make shoes, you don’t know Santa, and you don’t shoot arrows,” I said quickly and Sam began laughing.

“Watcher, who would have ever imagined we’d end up as brothers?”

I slung an arm around his shoulder, yanking him closer. “We were always brothers, before you ever married Reeny.”

The door to the house flew open and a bunch of teenagers streamed out. We watched them as they chattered and laughed. Most of them were the more obvious supernaturals–elves and faeries and pixies–but a few didn’t have any obvious signs of their magical selves. I wondered if any of them were psychic.

An adult came out of the house, waving a bunch of papers. “Alyson! Wait, you forgot your homework! Again.”

She handed the papers over to a girl then turned to go in before freezing and then spinning around, looking across the road at us. I grinned.

“Apollo?! Sam?!”

We crossed the street to greet her, ignoring the curious stares from kids. “Ginny!” we both exclaimed and each gave her a quick hug.

“What are you guys doing here?” she asked, glancing past us at Danielle. “You’re not old enough to have kids coming here. Yet.”

Sam beamed. “Hey, maybe in thirteen years.”

Ginny’s eyes got big. “What? Really? Congratulations, Sam!” She gave him a gentle punch. “How about you, Apollo? Any baby psychics toddling around?”

“One,” I said proudly. “She can see ghosts but I don’t know if she has any other ability.” I pulled out my wallet to show off my incredible child. Ginny cooed appreciatively. “I never expected you to become a teacher.”

“Huh? Oh yeah. Me either. Who else, though, to teach the future supernaturals than the best supernatural that’s ever existed?” she asked, puffing out a bit.

I snorted. “Okay, well, you haven’t changed, that’s for sure.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “So what are you doing here? Just checking out the old stomping grounds or are you here for a specific reason?”

“Actually, we need to talk to Professor V. Is he still teaching here?” I inquired.

“Yep. He’s down in his office now, actually.” She looked once more at Danielle then shrugged and led us inside. Danielle gave a sharp intake of breath at the sight of my father’s… our father’s portrait hanging in the front room. “You remember the way?”

“Yep,” I said.

Sam held up a hand. “Hey, this is probably more of something you two should do alone. If Ginny doesn’t mind me annoying her for a while…?”

So Danielle and I went down alone. We reached the door and she took my hand, holding it tightly. “My past lies behind this door,” she whispered. “The truth.”

“Are you ready?”

“Watcher, am I.”

I knocked and heard Professor V’s long ago familiar voice call out to come in. I opened the door and stepped in, smiling at his surprised look. “Why, Apollo Danevbie!” Then he looked even more surprised when Danielle followed me in. The look faded into something more resigned, and he gave a tiny little nod.

“I wondered when this would happen, though I certainly didn’t expect you to be here too, Apollo,” Professor V said as Danielle shut the door behind her.

“So, you recognize me?” Danielle asked.

Professor V shrugged. “More like, I recognize your… scent. Your blood. It’s not something one easily forgets.” He brushed his hair from his face and then perched on his desk, like he always did when he taught. One of the marks of him being a cool teacher. “Before I answer any questions I need to know why Apollo is here too? How did you two… find each other?”

He was mostly staring at me. “That doesn’t matter, does it?” I asked.

“I’d like to know.”

“He was advertising for a nanny, and I answered the ad,” Danielle put in firmly. Professor V tilted his head and stared at her. “We realized there was something connecting us…”

“Oh, how awkward that must have been!” Professor V said with a slight laugh.

Danielle’s face went dark. “Not like that.” Oh. Oh.

“I apologize,” V said simply. “My next question is… how did you find them?”

“Them?” I asked.

Them,” V repeated. “If you don’t know who they are, how did you figure out how I’m linked to all of this?”

I still felt a bit confused but Danielle answered, “The professor raised me. After I was abandoned at the lab.” Her last words held accusation in them.

V spread his hands out. “I certainly couldn’t raise you. So. You answered my questions. Now, I will answer yours.”

Danielle opened and closed her mouth a couple times, trying to figure out the words. Finally she sat down. “Who were my parents?”

V cocked an eyebrow and then smiled. “Who do you think?” He looked between us then gave a quick jerk of his head. “Your father was Zaid Danevbie. A brave hero in our world, and in this world as well. I wonder if he was doomed to be sacrificed in every world where he exists. Ah. I apologize, Apollo, I should not have said that to you.”

“And… my mother?” Danielle squeaked. “Or, or other father I suppose?”

“Mother. Davina. I don’t know her maiden name, I apologize.”

The name stirred some long ago memory. “Gilbert?” I stammered out.

“Oh, that sounds a bit familiar. I believe so.”

Danielle faced me. “How did you know?”

“My father was married to a Davina Gilbert, for a short while,” I whispered. Then I regretted saying anything. What if she wanted to find this universe’s version of her mother? What–would happen?

So, my father stayed married to Davina in her world, and had at least one child. I wonder about the Noah in that world. Dad and Father met before Father ever met Davina. I wonder if they’re still friends–were still friends.

“Why were they killed?” Danielle asked.

Professor V looked up at the ceiling, and sighed. “It’s a long and complicated story. I’ll do my best to explain. In our world, the supernaturals and the mortals had been fighting for a long time. Before Zaid was born. When he was born a prophesy began going out. Whether it had actually been prophesied or if it was just a rumor, no one knew. Just… many people said that Zaid would bring about a peaceful end to the conflict. His parents did their best to keep him away from the world. They had help from some family friends. A witch, a shapeshifter, and a few vampires. Me included.” He frowned now and closed his eyes. “We did our best, but the Danevbies were hunted down. Many were slaughtered.”

“By which side?” I interrupted.

Professor V snorted. “Neither. It was a… faction. A faction that believed that magic and technology should win, and destroy all who opposed. They didn’t want a peaceful end, they wanted a violent end. A brutish end. Where they win and rule. They generally sided on the magical side, and most the members of the faction were indeed supernatural. They wanted power. Nothing but power, more power, and advanced their own technology through magic. The Addison family belonged to this faction, although they were in fact mortals. They were there because they were beyond intelligent with technology and wished to become powerful.”

He stretched out his legs out from the desk and then stretched his head one way then the other. I ached to demand he continue the story and finally he did.

“By the time Zaid went to college, most his family was dead. Including most his immediate family. Only a sister remained.”

Which one? I wondered and then felt sad imagining my grandpa and all my aunts and Uncle Vilkas being murdered.

“He met Davina in college and they quickly got married. She was pregnant, and that’s when Zaid decided to go into hiding. Unfortunately there was an attempt in our travels and Davina lost the baby. That is what triggered Zaid into desiring to fight. He and his wife and the rest of us disappeared into the wilderness where he trained to fight, to protect.  He spent… years… doing this.

“While he trained the rest of the world went on. There were many rumors that he had been killed. Slowly both sides were desiring peace… but the third faction, the mixed one, egged the battling on. While they continued looking for Zaid. Especially the Addisons…

“Shortly after you were born, Danielle, they found us.” Professor V’s eyes went dark now. “There were many of them. Too many. And so many fell. The Addisons… murdered your mother. Zaid–killed them. Then he took you and gave you to me. To protect. I was going to go hide but then he was killed as well.”

“By who?”

“I’m not sure of their name, I didn’t recognize him. In any case I left, quickly. I knew there were tales of a portal nearby. To an alternate universe. I hoped a peaceful one. I knew we were being followed by the Addison child, who had been left outside to listen to the bloodbath. She followed me… but I didn’t care. I just kept thinking I had failed. But I had you.  I found the portal because I knew of it. I had met people who had come from your world, see. Ages ago. I found it, and went through. The girl followed. Unfortunately.”

Professor V looked into my eyes now. “If I had never come, if I had never brought that girl here… Addison… I’m so sorry, Apollo. It is my fault. I’ve felt so much guilt for so long. I wanted to tell you how sorry I was, but how could I? How could I even begin to explain?”

The room fell silent as Danielle and I absorbed this tale. I felt very sick, hearing about my family being killed. Even in an alternate dimension, it hurt. I couldn’t even imagine how Danielle felt. I just wanted to call all my relatives and tell them how much I loved them.

Danielle put her head in her hands. “Watcher. Watcher.”

“I’m very sorry, Danielle,” Professor V said softly. “I failed you. When I brought you here I realized I could not raise you. I wasn’t… strong enough.” He ran his fingers through his hair and glanced towards me. “I had trouble when you started school for the same reason. I almost left. You both remind me of Zaid.”

“You should have at least–left a letter or something! Told the professor everything!” Danielle was on her feet now, face contorted in anger. “I lived my life having no idea who I really was! Always wondering!”

V hung his head and apologized again. Danielle’s nostrils flared a few times then she shook her head and left. I flinched when the door slammed, however I didn’t blame her for being so angry. V didn’t seem to either.

I headed to the door then hesitated when he called my name. “Yes, Professor?”

“You can call me Coby now, Apollo; I’m no longer your teacher.”

I swallowed. “Sorry… Coby?” The name seemed alien on my tongue. And it felt bizarre now that we seemed close to the same age. He had been my teacher, an older figure for so long, and soon he would look younger than me.

“Have you… talked to… Eli Rose lately?”

“Eli?” I arched my eyebrows. “Not lately. Why?”

Professor V coughed and slid off his desk, turning his back to me to pretend to go through some papers laying there. “Hmm?”


His shoulders slumped and the papers fell from his hands. “I suppose if I tell you no reason, you won’t believe me?” He turned and there was more sadness in his eyes than there was when he was talking about Danielle’s parents. “It is my fault for him as well. He… I know he is going through very troubled times. And it is my fault.”

“How is it your fault? What do you even mean? What fault?”

“I suppose… I could tell you…” He clenched his teeth, the muscles in his cheeks flexing. “He knows something about what happened to Hunter’s. The old Hunter’s. I have… questioned him on multiple occasions. I pushed him. More than I should have. He seemed to grow ill however I continued pursing. I needed to know. After he graduated, I occasionally went to see him. I tried being nice, I tried being forceful, I tried almost everything I could think of short of using my abilities on him, though the thought did cross my mind. Doing that to a child was… is… disgusting to me. I suppose you aren’t children anymore, however I still would not dare to do such a thing. I’ve given up after the last time. A couple years ago I pushed him too hard. I thought he might–kill himself.” Professor V looked stricken now and I didn’t blame him. “I said horrible, horrible things. I regret what I did very much.”

“You blamed him, didn’t you?” I asked.

Professor V clenched his hands into fists and then nodded very slowly. “I was angry. I told him if he remained silent, he was no better than the person he was protecting. I thought… that might do it. But it pushed him over the edge. I know now he is doing better, since that night. Thank the Watcher.”

I recalled the night Eli phoned me up, wanting to know if I had seen him in the future and realized he had been suicidal.

“I pushed him too,” I blurted out. “I knew he knew, and I was pushing him too, when we were here. So it’s not just… your fault…”

“Perhaps not here, however I continued to pursue it after his graduation which was wrong.” Professor V began picking up the papers from the floor and straightening them out. “You know, I think an apology is in order. Perhaps I’ll do that soon… however… sometimes I think… he knew more than I thought…”


“Oh. Nothing. Sorry. Just… nothing important.”

We said our goodbyes and I went to find Danielle, who was sitting in the front room and staring at the picture of Zaid. She didn’t want to talk–yet. So we found Sam who was talking to two young elves. He finished his conversation and the three of us went to the car.

“Are you both all right?” Sam asked as he started the car.

“I am,” I said.

Danielle rubbed her swollen eyes and gave a sigh. “Yeah. I… I think I am too. Let’s get back to Storybrook. There’s nothing else here for me.”

Sam eyed me and I nodded. So he pulled the car out and we headed back home.

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I Wanna Dream – 8.40 – Not From This World

The next few days were crazy. I had no idea how to contact Danielle, as she had left her cell phone here. Nor did she try to contact me. I fretted and paced, simultaneously feeling confused and angry. Mostly at myself for just throwing her out.

The vision replayed in my head over and over though the exact details were fading. They began to get mixed up with another vision I had the next day about some witches trying to summon something dangerous. It made my head hurt. I figured the witch thing was important but I couldn’t focus on anything but the fact Danielle might be my half-sister.

Jeez, Dad, how many people ya knock up? I wondered on the third day, staring out the window miserably. She did look rather Danevbie-esque. And that night in the haunted house when she had green eyes, I had thought she was related very closely to me. Now…

On the fourth day I had a surprise visitor. Someone rang the doorbell and Grandpa answered it, as I was in the nursery with Joy playing with a xylophone thing.

“Tinkle, tinkle, lil starrrr,” she sang as she banged out an incomprehensible tune. “You’re in the skyyyy! Daddy, what are stars?”

“Big balls of gas,” I answered.

Joy giggled. “Pffffffft! Lpllhlhphlhplhphlphlh! The sky farts.” She began banging on the xylophone again. “Greefa! Geepaw!” she said as Grandpa came in.

“There’s a young lady here to see you,” Grandpa told me.

“Who is it?” I asked as I got up.

Grandpa shrugged. “Looks to be your age. Very pretty. Very, ummmm, white hair. Said she went to school with you.”

My heart skipped a beat as my mind went straight to Romance. I tried not to think of her anymore. Sometimes I saw news about her husband in the papers, especially the supernatural papers. “White hair?” I asked very quietly. Grandpa just shrugged again and said he thought so.

Watcher. Romance. I walked out of the nursery wishing I could go change into nicer clothes but I’d have to go past the living room to get to my room. Romance. As it was, I did my best to prepare myself.

“Omigoshhhh APOLLO!”

Lilah literally flew at me, hugging me tightly. “Like, omigosh, I haven’t seen you in agessss, look at you, you look all grown up? Like, I guess I do too? We haven’t seen each other in so long! Omigosh I wish I could have like, gone to Sam’s wedding?? How was it? You have a kid now? Your grandpa is soooo nice! He’s so cute!”

It took a few minutes for me to snap back from the whole not-Romance thing, and it was wonderful seeing Lilah again. I gave her several hugs and talked to her about my life. I mostly talked about Joy. Then I asked her about what she had been up to. None of us had really seen her since right after school. She sent letters and phone calls however never told us what she was actually doing.

Lilah fidgeted in her seat, her wings fluttering quickly. “Yeahhh, like, that’s kinda why I’m here. Like, what I do. You know, my job?” She began chewing at her nail. “I work at a magiscience facility. Y’know, like, magic and science? Magic tech?”

“Whoa! That sounds super cool! What do you do there?”

Lilah beamed now. “Oh, I like, help out like the doctor? Heal people who get hurt? Like, the crazy doctor can push experiments now cause I can like, heal people. It’s… a bit scary. But. Everyone who does the scary experiments volunteer? Well they get, like, paid, but they like, know they might get hurt. I also help out with others? Cause like, some of the other employees get a little hurt? But I also help out with some of the research and experiments cause I can, you know, fly.”

“That sounds really cool,” I said, suspecting there was more. A lot more. “You like it there?”

“Oh! Mostly. Like I said, the doctor is like, crazy, but the other workers are super nice? I really like Dagger.”

“Is that a person?”

Lilah looked right into my eyes. “Like, you know her as Dakota? Or Danielle?” My heart stopped. Or felt like it stopped. “She is so nice, and you did not need to accuse her of like, lying to you!” Now she stood up, hands on her hips. “I know technically she like, lied and stuff? But she did it for good reason? And never wanted to harm you? She wanted to protect you? She’s spent a lot of time protecting you, you know.”


“No, you listen to me, Apollo James Danevbie!” I reeled back. I had no idea Lilah even knew my middle name. “We’re trying to help save the world there and we need your help! Like, Dagger and the professor think you’re the key and now that Dagger told me everything? I think so too? I told them all about your visions, even though now Dagger already knew. The one about the world ending? You don’t understand. There’s this big computer that has a bunch of spiky bits to it? And whenever something bad happens with magic–“

“She mentioned that,” I cut her off.

Lilah shook her head. “It’s all true. And Dagger is like, super upset. She knows she messed up but you don’t have to punish her! And she’s super sorry about mentioning your father. She’s like, a super fan of your dad, she admires him so much.”

The memory of my vision hit me like a sack of bricks. That she might be my half-sister. I couldn’t really remember the vision very well, just what I had written down afterwards. Danielle didn’t know either. She–deserved to know, at the least. But how could she be my half-sister? My dad told me clearly there wasn’t really an opportunity for another kid to be born, unless my father never told him about some woman he slept with. That could have been it. Maybe there had been a woman somewhere between Eirene’s dad and mine.

“…asked me about it I could have like, totally told them everything about your vision.”

I snapped back to reality. “Huh?”

Lilah giggled. “That like, apocalypse vision you have? I don’t have the ‘clearance’–” She did the air quote thing with her fingers, “–to know what was really going on. I only just found out. Dagger told me everything. She’s so upset, you know.” Lilah gave me a sideways look, blaming me (rightly so) for her friend’s woes. “Anyway. I told her everything I remember about that vision of yours? Like, probably more than you remember.”


“Sorry.” Her face puckered up now. “It’s just been, like, totally horrible at the lab. The doctor is like, super pissed and storming around, and threatening to lock Dagger up. I think she would if the professor wasn’t, like, going around saying it was his idea.” Lilah began toying with the end of her ponytail. “Dagger was… is a super important member of the team. Like, only four people have clearance for the Study Room. Like, where all the cool stuff happens with studying the magical spikes? Eye, Dagger, the doctor, and the Professor.”

“But how can I help?” I whispered, mostly to myself. “I just occasionally see things. I can’t even control it.”

Lilah jumped up, clasping her hands. “I’m like, totally glad you asked? Cause that’s something the professor’s been working on! Like, the regular professor, I mean, not Professor V. He’s developed a potion that might give you visions on demand? Least, that’s what Dagger thinks. They’re not sure. I think there’s more but I dunno much more than what I’ve already said. Except that Eye is a total asshole. I wish Eli took the job.”


“Oh, yeah, they wanted Eli to come there? Cause his magic involved electronics? But instead we have Eye. He’s called that,” she added quickly, guessing my next question easily, “because he watches the graphs of magic and studies them and all that stuff. Dagger is the one that goes out and takes care of things. Well. Watches things. I guess she should be called Eye? But omigosh, you should see her in action, she’s a total badass.” She started doing all sorts of kicks and punches, almost falling over.

I got up and grabbed her hands in a mid punch. “Were you sent here to help convince me to–to do whatever is they want me to do?” Save the world. Like my father. Die.

“No. I came here on my own,” Lilah said firmly. “So, am I gonna go back and tell Dagger you’ll help? Is that a yes?”

I rolled my eyes to the ceiling and wished she hadn’t asked me. I wasn’t ready to give an answer. “I–I don’t know. This is all so weird. Liles, my–my father died to save the world and she–they–they want me to help save the world too? Again?”

She hugged me tightly and I breathed in her still-familiar floral scent. “I’m sorry, Apollo,” she whispered in my ear. “It’s like, super hard, I know. It’s a lot to take in.” She pulled away and smiled. “But at least talk to Dagger. Let her come back. I think she misses your little girl too.”

I folded my arms and gave a heavy sigh. “All right. Fine. But no promises.”


Dakota. Dagger. Danielle. Whatever her name was, she showed up the next day. She was a lot calmer now and patiently answered all my questions. My main question was how they knew I could change things, that they could change things. She explained that the night in the haunted house so long ago proved it. Apparently after she interfered and saved our lives, she went back to the lab to find out that the ‘spike’ indicating an imbalance of magic had gone down. Her saving our lives had changed the imbalance, making it more balanced. I didn’t quite get it. I didn’t understand how they could even detect ‘imbalances’ of magic, especially not ones far in the future.

In any case, Joy was overjoyed (haha) to see Dak–Danielle again and they spent a long time playing together. Grandpa kept nodding and smiling to himself, glad as well that she had returned. I wanted to talk to him about everything however considering everything he had lost the last time someone had tried (and succeeded) to save the world from a magical issue, I didn’t dare speak to him. I didn’t want to upset him.

Later in the day, Eirene came over to take Joy and Grandpa out for a drive in the country so Danielle and I could have more time alone. The time had come to tell her about my vision involving her.

“Do you know a man with… black hair? Green eyes? He’s in a wheelchair?” I asked, checking the notes I had written down.

“That’s Professor Kaleb,” Danielle replied immediately. “He’s the one I’ve told you about. The genius. He’s pretty amazing,” she laughed. “I don’t know what I would have done without him. Why?”


I dithered for a moment or two until it spilled out. She sat upright, listening to my every word. About how she had been upset, and how the guy had been upset, and about what she said. Zaid Danevbie possibly being her father. As I said this, I knew it was the absolute truth.  She was my half-sister. We wouldn’t even need a DNA test to convince me.

Danielle just stared blankly at me. “It’s… not true,” she said slowly. “How can it be true? The–professor knows?”

“Suspects,” I put in quickly.

“He might know who my parents are?” She stood now, body rigid. “I’ve been wondering my whole life. They–they raised me in the lab. I was raised there, he helped raise me, and all this time he could have told me–“

“It might not be true?”

Shew threw her hands in the air. “You really think that?” she demanded. “Damn it. I knew it, I–I knew it. I had to be… I always thought…” Her hands went to her mouth now. “My parents. My father. I’ve always wondered. He was still alive, when I was born.” She began rocking back and forth. “He was still alive. He could have. I could have.”

I looked away from her. If he had known, my father would have definitely raised her. But if he had, would he and dad ever ended up together? Would Arty and I even exist?

“I–have to go,” she choked out.

“You just got here. I thought–“

“No, I have to go. I have to talk to the professor.” She backed away, tears running down her cheeks. “I’m sorry. I have to–I have to–” And she ran out without another word.



She could see how distraught Professor Kaleb got with every word she shouted. She couldn’t stop though. All the words, tumbling out of her mouth. The words Apollo had heard. And the professor’s replies. His feeble excuses that seemed to just enrage Danielle even more. When the tears overcame her, he came over and placed a hand on her arm. Her entire life he had been almost a father figure to her that even in this moment of anger and emotions, his touch had some comfort to it.

“You’re r-right. I should have t-told you,” he said in reply to her accusation. “I m-made a mistake. I kn-know it d-doesn’t mean much but I was p-planning on telling you when th-the project was over and we c-could find out the t-truth without risk of my s-sister firing you.”

“No, it doesn’t mean much at all.” She pulled from him, fire burning in her body. “You should have told me that you thought that Zaid Danevbie was–and probably is–my father!” It was the first time she had mentioned his name and it felt so strange yet so right to say it. “That Apollo is my brother!”

Professor Kaleb winced at the venom in her voice. “It’s n-not as simple as that.”

“Excuse me? Not as simple? What’s not simple about that?!” she yelled.

Now he wheeled over to the fish tank, where lots of little jellyfish were swimming around. Danielle trembled with anger as she waited for his reply. It seemed to take an eternity.

“I’m f-fairly certain you’re a D-Danevbie,” said the professor, not taking his eyes off the tank. “Z-Zaid’s dauhghter. However I d-d-don’t think you’re…”

“I’m what?”

He turned his chair around. “You’re n-not Apollo’s s-sister.”

Danielle’s chest rose and fell as she tried her best to make any comprehensible sense from those words. “How the fuck can I be Zaid’s daughter but not related to Apollo?”

He squared his shoulders and stuck his chin out. When he spoke he spoke with a certainty that made his statement confusing. “D-Danielle. You’re n-not from this world.”

She stared at him, her head swinging back and forth as everything became even less logical. “Not from this world? What am I, an–an alien?”

Kaleb’s lips tugged upwards into a smile. “If you w-were, you’d be f-forever by my s-sister’s side. No. You’re f-from an alternate universe.”

It felt like a punch to the chest and she sank into the couch. Alternate universe. It began clicking in her head. She knew about alternate universes. People used to visit them centuries ago, thinking they were their own universe only different period of time–they thought they were time traveling. That eventually fell to the wayside and it seemed the technology had been lost. Almost forgotten. However, the professor had talked a little about a previous experiment that he and his sister had done. Back when the research and guidance facility that orphaned and abandoned supernaturals now used as a sanctuary was still a lab. Sending supernaturals into alternate universes to try and… well, the professor never explained what they had tried to do. Whatever the project had been, it was long ago abandoned.  Or not?

“How am…?”

He came over to her, in front of her. “A l-link remained b-between our universe and one my s-sister was stu-studying. Three p-people came through one day. Out of the b-blue. We had almost f-forgotten the portal.”

“Three people? My parents and I?” Danielle asked.

Kaleb sighed and rubbed the back of his head. “N-no. A vampire and t-two mortal ch-children. One a l-little girl, the other a b-baby. You.” A chill went down her spine at that. “You w-were covered in blood, s-screaming. Crying. The v-vampire had blood on him. The g-girl was clean. She c-came in after you and the v-vampire. The vampire had you in his arms, w-we saw on the security feed l-l-later, and the girl came through after. L-like she was f-following. She was sc-screaming when we got there. Th-that the vampire w-was going t-to kill her, and you.”

“What happened?” she forced the words out.

“The vampire y-yelled that if he w-wanted to kill you, he w-would have done it sooner.”

“So we just appeared in your lab? What happened?! What does this have to do with Danevbies? And Zaid?”

“He t-told me later what had happened. Th-there was a war going on in y-your universe.” Kaleb hung his head. “A war b-between the humans and s-supernaturals. He was s-sent to protect your family.” Now his head lifted back up, so he could look in her eyes. “‘A man who c-could have s-saved us all’, the v-vampire told me, though he n-never gave the man’s name, or your f-family’s name, however I s-suspected. He w-was very interested wh-whenever Zaid Danevbie ap-appeared in the newspapers. Th-that’s why I thought it might b-be him.”

Danielle clutched her stomach at those words.

“The l-little girl, her f-family was s-sent to kill… your f-family. From wh-what I gathered. They w-were high ranking in th-the mortal world. Very…. t-technologically adv-advanced. Her p-parents killed your p-parents in that world. The v-vampire said. And he f-failed in p-protecting your family. S-so he took you t-to something wh-whispered about in the s-supernatural world. The p-portal. To here. Apparently th-the little girl followed. Sp-spying. But when th-they came through she w-was trapped.”

“A little girl? A spy? Following a vampire? It doesn’t make sense…” Danielle frowned. “And if they had to travel, why was I still covered in blood?”

“The p-portal wasn’t t-too far from where your f-family lived,” Kaleb answered. “The l-little girl was twelve and already… heavy into th-the politics of th-that world.”

“So, the vampire failed to save my parents–probably Zaid Danevbie–and brought me to an alternate universe to save my life? And a twelve year old child, the daughter of the people who killed my parents, followed. That’s what you’re saying.”

Kaleb gave a half-hearted chuckle. “Anym-more bizarre th-than what we’re d-doing here? B-besides, we g-got the t-teleportation t-technology from the g-girl. She had some…. artifacts w-with her.”

“What happened to her?”

Now he frowned. “She… one artifact sh-she had with her gave her th-the ability to go th-through time. She d-disappeared from our in-interrogation r-room in the middle of my sister t-trying to get her to talk.”

“How do you know she went through time? Maybe she teleported?”

“W-well. We know th-that she went through t-time because she k-kept doing it, and–and well, she n-never changed her name, and w-we knew her name from the v-vampire.”

More chills, and goosebumps.”What was her name?” Danielle whispered.

“The w-woman who later tried to pull our w-world into a war b-between mortals and s-supernaturals, and s-spent her time t-travelling life trying t-to accomplish getting ultimate p-power. The w-woman who tried to kill our world’s Z-Zaid. Colette Addison.”

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New story…….

Not mine lol

But I want to advertise my best friends legacy. Besides our coop story Mending Colors this is their first sims story. They’re a very good writer and I’m super excited for this legacy. I hope ya’ll check it out and give it a chance!!!

Here’s the prologue!



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I Wanna Dream – 8.39 – Dakota’s Secret

In January of 2235 I fell into a major conundrum. I had a vision and when I woke up from it my hands were shaking and my brain felt like I was on a roller coaster. After washing my face and calming down enough to go back to bed I just couldn’t go back to sleep. Checking something on my phone didn’t help at all.

No, I couldn’t. It’s not right.

In the morning I slowly ate breakfast and just stared at the wall. Joy shrieked for attention until she finally pulled me from my thoughts. I took her out of her high chair and we went to her room to play for a while though my mind wasn’t completely there. When she wanted to go play outside I got her bundled up and let Dakota take her out. I had to talk to someone about this.

“Grandpa?” I knocked on his door. “Grandpa?”

“Come in!”

Grandpa was sitting on the edge of his bed when I came in, his hands frail little fists as he rubbed his eyes. He looked so fragile. He was in his eighties now, and worry rushed through me. “Are you feeling all right?” I asked.

He gave me a big smile. “Yep! A little sleepy but I’m okay. Why? Are you okay?”

“Er. Sorta.” I sat down and tried to calm my pounding heart. “Had a vision last night.”

“Oh? A bad one?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Well. Might be good. But even if it’s good, it’s probably bad.”

Grandpa tilted his head to one side. “You’re not making much sense, Poliwag.”

My fingers twisted into my suspenders. “I saw something that will happen in ten months. I know the date exactly because there was a newspaper.”

“Something you can prevent?”

I shrugged. “Probably not. That’s not really the, um, problem. The problem is I saw a stock crash. Like, big time. It went from very high to very low.”

His mouth formed an ‘O’, resembling Joy. She actually looked so much like him… how did I not see that before? Did she get anything from her mother’s family besides the hair? And since Grandpa’s sister had been blonde, I couldn’t even be sure Joy hadn’t gotten the hair from the Danevbie side. “Are you saying what Specter thinks you’re saying?”

“I checked the stock last night. It’s relatively low. I could afford to buy several shares, and then sell them the night before they crash,” I said bluntly. His ‘O’ got even bigger and his eyes seemed to match the size. I stood up and began pacing. “Grandpa. I don’t know what to do. I can’t believe I’m even thinking about doing it. It’s–cheating. It’s wrong. I know exactly precisely when to sell to make the most money, that’s not–I shouldn’t. I can’t.”

Grandpa scurried over and grabbed me by the shoulders. “Buy it.”

“What?!” I stared in shock at my tiny little innocent grandpa telling me such a thing.

“Poliwag. I know you don’t mind doing what you’re doing, but you can’t be a, um, a, uhhh, a, uh, hooker–“

“Escort,” I injected quickly.

“–escort all your life. How much can you make from buying the stocks?”

“A lot.”

“Thousands?” he asked and I shook my head. “Hundreds of thousands?” he whispered and I gave a tiny shake of my head. “Millions?”

“Several,” I mumbled.

Grandpa began shaking me. “DON’T BE STUPID AND GO BUY THOSE RIGHT THIS SECOND, POLIWAG! Think of your future. Think of Joy’s future!”

“B-but Grandpa, it’s wrong, isn’t it?!”

“Says who? There’s no laws or rules in place pro… proh…profiting psychics from playing the stock market. Prohibiting psychics from playing the stock market,” he corrected himself, I assumed from grandfather.

“It’s insider trading! That is completely illegal!” I hissed at him.

“Nobody told you the information.”

My stomach flipflopped around as I pulled away from Grandpa. “No. I can’t. It’s illegal. It’s wrong. I can’t. People go to jail for buying and selling with information the public doesn’t know.”

“How can anyone prove you did that?”

A bubble of laughter burst out. “A psychic who suddenly made millions on the stock market? Brilliant.”

“Then buy various stocks. Don’t just go for that one. Buy five or ten or so different stocks. Put the same amount into each of them. You’ll get a profit anyway right?” Grandpa asked in a slow tone indicating he was just repeating what Grandfather was saying. “Don’t tell anyone else you had this vision. We won’t tell anyone.”


Over the next month I bought shares in half a dozen different companies. The third being the one I saw in my vision. I bought from one other that was around the same price, two more expensive, two less expensive. I mentioned it to nobody. Not even Sam. Not that I didn’t trust him I just wanted to wait till after the fact. Of course I used up all my savings for this so I upped my dates for a couple weeks so I wouldn’t have to panic about bills or paying Dakota. And I still felt a nagging sense of wrongness.

“She fussed for so long tonight,” Dakota said one night when I got home in the wee hours of the morning. She sat on the couch, her feet tucked under her, an open book in her lap.

“Is she sick or just wanting me?”

“I think she just wanted you, but I’ll keep an eye on things in case it’s something like an ear infection.” Dakota licked her lips and unfolded her legs, standing up very slowly. “Um, I was–I needed to talk to you.”

Since she never stayed up for me like this I had figured it was something like that. Please don’t want to leave… three years with her, how could we survive?! “What’s up?”

She bowed her head, eyes focused on the floor. “I can wait till after your shower. I just wanted to let you know, so you won’t go right to bed.”

“If it’s something important we can talk now…”

“No. That’s okay, I know how much you–erm–need your showers.”

I sighed and marched past her so I could get a fast shower. What is wrong? Is she wanting to leave or did something happen with Joy…? No she would have told me right out. Is Grandpa okay?

Usually post-sex-dates my showers took half an hour. This time I spent maybe 6 minutes at most under the water, dumping shampoo in my hair and speedily ran a loufa over my body. I jumped out (nearly slipping) and into some clothes. On my way back down I peeked into Grandpa’s room and saw his sleeping form. Joy’s room was right next to the living room so I couldn’t check immediately on her.

Dakota rose to her feet again when I came in. “That was quick.”

“Yeah.” I pushed my wet hair back. “So, uh, what’s going on?”

She began wringing her hands. Not a good sign. “Apollo… I have something very important to discuss with you and please, let me–let me finish things. It’s complicated. And–strange. Very strange.” She pushed her hair back, eyes rolling a bit wildly towards the ceiling. “Okay. Where to start. Watcher. I don’t know. Okay first of all. I… I’ve uh…”

“Dakota, are you wanting to leave?” I asked, my voice dropping a bit. Please no.

“Oh! Of course not, no. I mean, if you want me to go I can but let me finish. This is difficult. Very difficult. I knew it would happen yet I didn’t plan for it.Okay gonna lay it on straight since I think we–I mean, you’re my boss but we’re… I think we’re…”

“Friends?” I offered. “I think we are too.” Then another idea. She didn’t like me did she? We got along great, watched a lot of the same shows, and hung out sometimes, and there was something pretty about her. We never got together but there were a few nights I felt a weird momentary attraction to her. I mean walking in and seeing this pretty woman my age holding my daughter–but the moments always passed. Did she have those moments? Did they not pass?

Dakota began chewing at one of her nails. “I’m not who you think I am. I’m part of a group of… ugh, I don’t even know, not really scientists. I mean some of us are. I’m not. Okay, see, there’s this big problem going on in the world. I’m sure you’ve felt it. Like magic is being messed up. Like something is going wrong. And there’s this scientist who made a machine that can graph the–the magic balance in the world, okay? Like, track it and judge what’s happening in the future. Not like, seeing the future, but sort of seeing how magic is–going to be in the future? Ugh, it sounds much more weird than it really is!”

“Dakota, I can see the future,” I pointed out. “So it’s not something that sounds too weird.” Uh, so please continue?”

She took in a very deep breath. “So this organization is tracking and graphing the magical balance and there are these huge spikes, as we call them, upsetting the balance. Possibly with devastating consequences. So we’re trying to… fix the world. I guess would be the best, uh, explanation.”

I couldn’t help but snort and her cheeks reddened. “I know. It sounds so stupid,” she whimpered, “but it’s true.”

“And this is what, your side job for money?” I asked, then frowned. “Except you rarely go anywhere. Wait. This–is this…?” I trailed off now, feeling a bit sick.

Dakota glanced away from me. “There’s a big spike coming. Not the worst. But one that might upset the magical balance so badly it could… destroy things. Um. You know.”

“The world?”

She shrugged. “Yeah. Maybe. And a lot of these–a lot of these spikes have revolved around you and your family.” Now she squared her shoulders and looked straight into my eyes. “Like the destruction of the school. And when your father died. That was a bad spike that turned out to be not as bad as it could have been? We think? See, my boss didn’t start charting this until after that happened, actually I think it inspired her to chart these cause she saw how close the world came to being thrown into chaos from magic and–“

“Dakota” I interrupted. “What the hell are you saying? That this group is following me?” Then it hit me and I took a step back. “Watcher. I’m so stupid. You are. You’re here to… to spy…? On me?”

Her momentary confidence dissipated. “Sorta. Not quite? But sorta.”


“Apollo, l–listen to me please!” she begged. “It isn’t my main boss that believes you’re really involved, it’s my other one, the Professor, he’s much nicer and much smarter, and he–we–he and I think–and then there’s that vision you had, of the world maybe being destroyed and it sounds like it ties in with the big spike coming up in a couple years! We think that is is, and it if we can figure out exactly what it is, maybe we can stop it!”

I held up my hands. “Dakota this sounds–“

“I know it sounds crazy,” she pushed on, “I know, but it’s the truth. And my name is Danielle. Not Dakota. I came here because the Professor and I both feel like you’re the key, cause so many recent spikes are about you specifically, like when you went to the Hollow where your father died, and the haunted house before that, the McCormick house.”

I stared at her in disbelief. She was a freaking stalker. Then…

“You’re her! The girl who–who saved us at the house! Except… you had green eyes. You looked a lot like… like…”

“Like a Danevbie, I know,” she whispered. “I really admired your father, and I would wear green contacts a lot to change my eye color, and sometimes I had fake freckles on too. I didn’t mean to be seen that night, I wasn’t supposed to intervene, but I felt like if I didn’t then someone would be hurt bad, or killed.”

I sank down on the rocking chair–the nearest seat–and put my head in my hands, trying to wrap my brain around all of this craziness. She was a freaking stalker obsessed with my father so much she purposefully tried to look like him. Now here she was in my house, helping me raise my daughter. She had lied and was living with us. She was obsessed with my family, with my father.

My head began throbbing and a little bit of rage began building up. She had lied to me, for years–freaking years. A total stranger stood before me. Lied, to get in my house for whatever reason. A liar holding and caring for my baby, my baby.

Without realizing, my hands curled into fists. Dak… Danielle gave a whimper. “Please. Believe me, I–”

“Believe you? You just stood here, telling me everything was a lie but to ‘believe’ you?!” I got back to my feet, fury taking over.

“Apollo, please! You’re–you’re important, you’re like, the key to all of this. Somehow. I don’t know how, but you are. That vision you have, we think that’s the catalyst. The tipping point. Where the spike shoots up and could destroy the world. You’re there that night, you’re somehow involved in… in…”

A sharp hiss escaped. “In what? Saving the fucking world?”

“Like your father.”

Now rage boiled over and I spun around, kicking the wall hard.

“He saved the world,” Danielle whispered.

“He DIED.” Memories of when I first went to Moonlight Falls resurfaced. How much like my father I felt. “And I’ll die. That lightning strike hits me, and I’ll die. Saving the world? You want me to just–hand my life over?” My words came out shaky.

“You don’t know that you’ll die!” Danielle seemed like she was struggling to stay calm and soothing; it wasn’t working.

“Neither did he!” I snapped back. “Get out, just get out of my house! You’re–you’re fired!”

Danielle paused and then gave a barking laugh. “Fired?! Watcher! That’s not–”

“GET! OUT!” I screamed. “Get the HELL out of my house!”

“FINE!” she screamed right back. “I TOLD him this wouldn’t work! ‘Oh he’ll understand’!” She threw her hands in the air. “I’ll leave but I’ll come back. We need to talk this over. And Joy needs me–“

“You are never getting near my baby, ever, ever again,” I snarled.

She narrowed her eyes. “Don’t be so stubborn. This is important.”


She stormed out of the house, hair swishing behind her. I followed and slammed the door the second she stepped onto the porch. I wanted to yell after her. Cuss at her. Or call the cops. Something. She lied? She assumed someone else’s identity and just waltzed in and pretended to–well, all right, she didn’t really pretend to take care of Joy, she–she did a good job of taking care of Joy. But she pretended… to… be something else. Someone else. She lied to me. Everything was just a lie.



I looked over at Grandpa. He leaned in the entrance of the hall, looking frailer than ever. “I guess you heard some of that?” I muttered.

“Oh! No. But Specter heard everything and told me.”

Ugh, double great.

“Joy is crying,” Grandpa added.

Triple great.

I stomped to Joy’s nursery and took a few deep, calming breaths before opening the door. She wasn’t really crying, just letting out small little sniffles and whines. She stood up in her crib when the door opened and put her arms out. When she saw it was me, she put her arms down.

I felt like crying at that.

Then I did cry. Just a few tears. But Watcher I couldn’t even hold my own baby. She was upset, she wanted snuggled. I couldn’t give her that.


“Hey, baby girl.” I stopped the tears and went over, bending down to give her a hug. She clung to me tightly, her tiny little hands gripping the back of my neck. “You okay?”

“Heard yelling,” she whimpered in my ear. Then she unlatched her hands and sat back in the crib, eyes watery, lips trembling. “Scary yelling.”

I swallowed. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I just–I was mad.”

“At what?”

One hand reached down and smoothed her hair. “It doesn’t matter. It’s okay. You go back to sleep. I’ll sing you a song, all right?”

She rocked back and forth, holding her feet, deep in thought. Then she nodded. “Okay, Daddy. Sing!”

By the time I finished two songs she had gone back to sleep and my temper had cooled a lot. I returned to the living room and found Grandpa still there, sitting on the couch, worry etched in his lined face. “Not tonight. Please,” I said.

“Ooookay,” he drew out, sounding so much like Joy. “In the morning we have to talk.  I think what Dakota said was really, really important.”

I grit my teeth. Did Grandfather relay everything? Such a the fact Da–nielle seemed to want me to die for the world just like my dad did? How the hell could Grandpa and Grandfather be okay with that?! Fucking Grandfather fucking DIED in that same BATTLE and he just… they just… UGH! “In the morning,” I agreed then fished out my cell phone. It was so late. almost four in the morning now. Still I dialed Arty and Kiley’s home phone number. I had to call a second time before anyone answered and it took several minutes to reassure my sister that nothing big had happened, nobody had gotten hurt or died.

“Dakota had to go unexpectedly and I don’t know if she’ll be back,” I explained. “I just need someone to help for a bit. With Joy.”

Kiley arrived in less than fifteen minutes. She was still in her pajamas and robe, her hair a total mess. She just gave me a kiss on the cheek, made me swear to tell her everything after sleep, and then disappeared to Joy’s room.

I trudged to my own bedroom and collapsed down. I didn’t think sleep would come. I felt so keyed up and stressed out. However within minutes the darkness overcame me.


Small hands and a big voice woke me up just after noon. Joy crawled all over my bed and bounced around, giggling. “Wake up, Daddy! Auntie Kiley here! Where Kota?”

I groaned and pushed myself off the bed. My head pounded from a mixture of a hangover and all the events. “Dakota went away for a while.” I didn’t add that she might not come back. I’d save that for another time.

“Okay, Daddy.” Joy hugged me and left wet kisses against my cheek. “Lunch!”

We went to the kitchen where Kiley was fixing a delicious smelling lunch. She laughed when she saw us. “I’ve been holding her back for two hours now, I couldn’t anymore.”

“That’s fine, my alarm usually goes off around now anyway,” I promised. How weird to find Kiley standing there and not Da…nielle. I put Joy in her high chair then took my seat next to her and across from grandpa. Kiley put plates of open faced toasted sandwiches and fries. She gave Joy finger sandwiches and cut up fries. Joy squealed and began stuffing the fries in her mouth.

As soon as Kiley sat down she asked what happened. “Not right now,” I said, giving a quick glance towards Joy. Then I reached for the orange juice.

My hand stretched out over the space of the table and into empty air, farther and farther until I stumbled forward since I wasn’t sitting at the table anymore. I rebalanced myself, standing up straight, looking around in confusion before freezing at the sight of Danielle.

She stood in front of a man in a wheelchair. She looked angry, he looked upset.


I’m s-s-s-s-sorry,” he stammered, his body shaking as bad as his voice. “I d-d-d-didn’t know f-for sure, it didn’t s-seem… possible…”

YOU SUSPECTED HE WAS MY FATHER THOUGH!” Danielle spun around, tears falling from her face. “Apollo TOLD me!”

What?! Me?! I had no freaking clue who her father was and why was I even telling her anything anyway?! She lied to me! In fact, seeing her being lied to… or have been lied to… or whatever this was… just a little poetic.

I’m s-sorry, I r-really am. Y-you’re right, I sh-should have t-told you my suspicions and t-tried to find out the t-t-truth,” the man said, head drooping. “B-but my sister, she s-suspected too, and d-didn’t want… t-to… look into it… or hve me l–look into it… and I w-was worried if I did and it t-turned out you were, she’d w-want to get rid of you.”

Oh, your sister, your precious sister,” Danielle said then finally broke into sobs. “I could have known this ages ago, Professor. I could have known more about my identity. I’ve wondered all this time, and you could have told me that you might have a trail…”

He wheeled over to her and put a hand against her arm. She didn’t pull away like I would have. “You’re r-right. I should have t-told you. I m-made a mistake. I kn-know it d-doesn’t mean much but I was p-planning on telling you when th-the project was over and we c-could find out the t-truth without risk of my s-sister firing you.”

Danielle’s eyes were wet but they blazed with anger. “No, it doesn’t mean much at all.” Now she did wrench away. “You should have told me that you thought that Zaid Danevbie was–and probably is–my father!”

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I Wanna Dream – 8.38 – Kaleb’s Idea


As soon as Apollo’s phone rang relief flooded her body. She said she’d go check on Joy and quickly ran off to the nursery. Joy was sound asleep, her tiny face scrunched up, dreaming whatever dreams babies had. Dakota smoothed down her pretty blonde hair then climbed out the window.

She went off into the woods until she felt she had sufficient enough privacy, then first texted the Professor and then, after receiving confirmation, she flipped open the face of her watch. There were three buttons. A square, an arrow, and a red button. She hit the square and waited.

Light surrounded her body and her stomach began swooshing around as she was yanked through space, a sensation she never got quite used to. It felt a bit like motion sickness only a lot worse. Ick.


Kaleb was waiting for her in the labs. Dagger glanced around to make sure there wasn’t anyone else waiting. She wondered what the Doctor had to say about everything but first things first.

“I have information. About–about it.” She pointed at the screen of graphs that was always kept up, even when they weren’t working there. “Apollo talked to me about the vision that I think is what this event is.”

She sat down and began telling him everything, including the fact the Doctor was in the vision. Kaleb’s eyes grew round at that and he went very quiet, not making any noise until well after Dagger finished telling him everything. Then he wheeled himself to the computer showing the graphs and began typing quickly. The graphs remained unchanged.

“J-j-just knowing what we d-do about the–the vision Apollo has d-doesn’t change anything.” He rubbed his chin. “M-maybe it’s n-not–“

“It is that Spike of Destruction!” Dagger said, the words bursting forth. “How can it not be?! The times match up, from what Apollo thinks about how he looks in the vision. ‘You’re going to kill everybody’? It’s someone trying to destroy the world! But why? He doesn’t know who it is.” Dagger glanced at the floor now. “Though you fit the description a bit, except this guy is standing.”

Kaleb turned his chair around, a small smile on his face. “I have n-no intentions of k-killing anybody.”

“What if it’s your sister doing it?” she asked, unable to stop herself. The smile now disappeared. Dagger felt heartbroken as she went on. “What if… she is trying to do something to communicate with them?” She jabbed her finger upwards to indicate aliens. “What if this thing is something to talk to them? You would help her. Wouldn’t you.”

It wasn’t a question and besides, she already knew the answer. Kaleb sighed and turned his gaze back to the graph. “You s-said he’s st-standing so it isn’t m-me.”

“Unless she succeeds in her weird obsessive intention to get you back on your feet. Apollo says the guy isn’t yelling or anything, whatever he says Apollo can’t hear. He knows the Doctor is yelling though, but he can’t make out the words. What if–“

“S-stop!” Kaleb pleaded. “Stop.”

Dagger moved to kneel down next to her beloved Professor, the man who saved her life and essentially raised her most her life. The only one close to a father figure she ever knew, even though he now looked about the same age as her. She knew about the youth potions the doctor and the professor took. She wasn’t sure how she felt about them, but she certainly knew about them. “We don’t know what this machine does. His vision doesn’t cover it. All we know is it is something that has the ability to kill a lot of people and do something very bad to the world. And your sister is there, as well as a man who could be you.”

“It c-can’t be me.”

“It could be,” she said softly. “You love your sister and I know you’ll do almost anything.” She hoped her words weren’t hurting him. “What if you help her do this without realizing what could happen? What if what you’re saying is ‘we didn’t know it would be like this’ or something?”

Kaleb took in a deep breath, a look of determination filling his face. “B-because if she wants to make anything th-that looks like that, I w-will make sure it d-doesn’t happen.”

“Even if it’s what she really, really wants?”

Kaleb twisted his head away. “I’ve st-stood by and l-let her kill a lot of p-people before, wi-without knowing wh-what was going on. I won’t let it happen again.” He clenched his hands into fists. “I w-won’t let Ancora h-happen on a bigger s-scale.”

Dagger just stood back up. She had always suspected the Doctor had killed people before but until now she didn’t have any confirmation. However, she didn’t press Kaleb anymore. Instead she went to the computer and hit the update button. The graphs didn’t change.

“Th-there are a lot of p-people with b-black hair and g-glasses,” Kaleb whispered. “It’s silly t-to think it might be me. It w-won’t. That p-proves it.” He pointed at the graphs. “Now I know t-to b-b-be wary and it hasn’t ch-changed so…”

Dagger flipped her hair back and let out a sigh. “So who might it be? Your sister is there, and Apollo is there.” Kaleb just stared at the graphs. “Professor…?”

“I d-don’t know. Only Apollo c-can know.” He pushed himself closer to her and reached out, taking her hands. “You n-need to go back and f-find out more information.”

She stuck her lower lip out. “I’ll try, but he doesn’t know who the guy is and I doubt he’ll have the vision again soon!”

“Yes.” He let her hands go and then smiled. “B-but I have an idea. Of c-course… it… m-might be d-dangerous… and you c-cannot do this t-to him without his permission.” Dagger tilted her head and Kaleb went on. “If w-we can m-maybe trigger a v-vision…”

“You mean by touch? But the only one we know is there for sure is your sister!” Dagger exclaimed. “You don’t mean to have him and the doctor interact. She’d rather slit his throat. Hell she’d probably rather slit her own throat.”

Kaleb flinched. “No. N-not that. I need t-to study more. We d-did some research on h-his father and aunt wh-when they were young, and we have a l-lot of data about his great-grandmother and of course… McIntyre… and th-the other psychics.”

Dagger began nodding at that. Of course. Where Apollo got his psychic abilities from, his bloodline that led back to the monster McIntyre. One night when she was watching his house, Dagger had wondered what would have happened if Serenity had never been born. The only kid born to Sebastian and the monster (as she and the professor called him). The only one with the psychic ability. She knew Kaleb hypothesized it was the mixture of psychic and Danevbie blood that produced someone with Serenity’s abilities, and then down the line to Zaid and Illuminata’s abilities, and therefor Apollo’s abilities. What was his name… Duncan. The monster’s only other kid, he never had any sort of ability nor did any of his descendants, and none of Sebastian’s other kids or their kids had any ability. Just Serenity and her line.

It really made her wonder about the Danevbies.

“What would studying the data do?” Dagger asked.

“If I c-can figure out a w-way to trigger the v-visions somehow, we m-might be able to f-focus them.” Kaleb sounded more scared than excited. “If he c-can have visions by j-just touching someone, it c-could work…”

“But it could be dangerous,” she added, knowing perfectly well why he sounded the way he did. Kaleb nodded slowly. “Which means if we figure out a way to do this, I’ll have to tell him. Everything.” She began tugging at the hem of her shirt. “Including who I am and what I do. ‘Oh yeah remember that chick that saved you and your friends from that murderous ghost one Halloween? That was me! I work for a lab studying the end of the world and I can teleport around and I lied about who I am in order to keep an eye on you while taking care of your precious child’. Oh. Yeah. He’ll love that!”

“He’s b-been through a lot–“

“That makes it worse.”

“He’s s-smart, he’s been in th-the supernatural w-world for a while. It won’t b-be as weird t-to him as… s-say…”

“Eye?” Dagger asked with a wry smile. She remembered when he first joined the group as a very bitter and jaded teenager, just a year older than her. He had run away from his horrible family (for good reason, as it turned out) and the doctor had somehow discovered his magic flowed in such a way that made him an absolute genius with tech. Apparently one of Apollo’s friends–that Eli guy–also had this same ability but when the doctor approached him after graduation, he sent a shock wave spell at her that had knocked her out momentarily. She never spoke of him again (though the Professor did confide in Dagger that he had never seen his sister incapacitated before so that Eli kid’s powers had to be strong).

Of course Eye had been raised in a rather anti-supernatural environment and had been very resistant to the idea that his talent with computers had to do with the fact he was magic. And when true teleportation came up, he laughed in the doctor’s face (something he regretted immediately and he swore to Dagger his arm didn’t heal right). He also laughed at Dagger when she told him she had a talent for teleporting and in fact was the only one who could. They fought quite bitterly for a while until finally he came to accept the supernatural ways, and the connection between magic and teleportation–and his talent and magic.

“It w-won’t be f-for a while, before I c-can figure this out. If I even c-can. In the m-mean time j-just continue with wh-what you’re doing.”

“I’m surprised you’re alone in here.”

Kaleb smiled at that. “My s-sister is v-very angry. She s-seems to think y-you forced me, so I’m still p-perfectly able to c-come in here. She d-doesn’t think I had anything t-to do with it. I know she d-doesn’t w-w-want to go after you b-because you’re l-living in Apollo’s house. So I th-think you’re safe… for now.”

Dagger gave Kaleb a hug and then got back into the area to be sent back to the same spot she left in. She returned to the house, climbed back in through Joy’s window, and was sitting there when Apollo came up a little while later all freaked out over whatever his phone call had been about, and wondered how many weeks or months or even years it would take the professor to figure out how to force visions on this poor boy.


“…so I go to the reception and meet up with my date. We go in and she’s all happy because finally the family isn’t gonna be harping on her about being single, yeah? We go in and she introduces me to family and then we meet the mother-of-the-bride, her really interfering aunt, main reason she wanted a date. Well as I turn to greet her with my most charming smile, she freezes up because lo and behold–“

“No way!” Kiley shrieked, already guessing.

I bust up laughing. “Yes, she’s hired me before! So we stand there for a second just staring but then I smile and offer my hand. She gives my date this look, real quick, then she shakes my hand with a smirk on her face. My date has no idea and she’s all on cloud nine–poor girl–and we meet more people and guess what?”

Sam’s eyes danced. “You gotta be kidding,” he said while Kiley practically fell over, giggling.

“Yes, another one. But not just anyone…” I waited for a second then grinned. “The groom himself.” Kiley practically split her sides. “And worst thing, it was when he was with his now wife, because it was just like, a year ago, and they’ve been dating for two years according to my date. Well he absolutely freaks out once he recognizes me. It took him some time. He totally freaks. Finally he yanks me into a bathroom and wants to know if I’m trying to blackmail him.”

Kiley clapped her hands over her mouth. “What did you say?”

“I told him, politely, I had no idea who he was or why he thought I might blackmail him. He stared at me and I repeated–firmly–I had no idea who he was. He then bolted out of the bathroom and was a bundle of nerves, at his reception. Watcher.” I shook my head. “I felt so bad for his wife but then it turns out they’re not exactly hopelessly in love. As the reception wore on she got really mad at him being all jittery and then they got into this big fight right there in the middle of the room.”


“Yep. They start screaming back and forth and it culminated in kinda confessing the whole thing, in front of everyone. That he had hired me as an experiment.”

My sibling-in-laws just gaped. “So, everyone heard it?” Sam asked.

“Pretty much. Chaos then broke out. ‘What do you mean hired him’ my date’s mom totally flipped too and started screaming at my date that she hired a gay whore to pass off as her date and she starts screaming at the groom and the bride runs off crying and locked herself in the bathroom. My date left, taking her mom’s expensive car. The mom took off after her. The groom started drinking a lot while his mom screamed at him for ruining the wedding.”

“So you were left there completely alone?”

I shrugged. “No, I left with someone.” Again, another pause. “The mother of the bride.”

Both of them laughed so hard they had tears in their eyes and once they managed to calm down enough to talk they both accused me of making it up or stretching the truth. I promised that I hadn’t. Then they wanted to know what wedding, as ‘proof’.

“Nope, not saying. All I’m saying is it happened in the past month. And–“

“Daddddyyyyy!” Joy came running into the living room, arms outstretched. “Monsta under my bed!” she cried, throwing herself into my arms.

I hefted her onto my lap and she stuck her thumb in her mouth. “What kind of monster?” I asked patiently.

“Uh.” She wriggled and then pressed her face into my chest. “I’m firsty.”

“Joy.” I shifted her so I could look her in the face. “Are your really thirsty or are you just trying to push your bedtime back?”

“Noooo!” she protested. “Nuh-uh. I’m firsty and want story.”

“I read you two stories and sang to you three times, and you had plenty of water.” I tickled her stomach. “Tell the truth.”

“Ooookay. I’m not seepy.” She spread her chubby toddler hands out. “Do I hafta?”

“Yes, you hafta.” I stood up and set her on the ground. Joy tilted her head back and took my hand in hers. She had learned quickly that her daddy couldn’t carry her around much, so she liked to walk holding my hand even though I had to bend over to reach it. She was three years old now and the center of my universe. I would do anything for her, and often did. But sometimes I had to be firm. This was the fourth time in a week she tried to push her bedtime back and for once I wasn’t going to let her.

Dakota ran down the stairs. “I am so sorry, Apollo! I didn’t realize she had gotten out of her bed!” She picked Joy up who whined. “We’ve talked about this, lil miss.”

“Daddy says I can stay up,” she lied sweetly. I scoffed loudly and folded my arms, tapping one foot theatrically. Joy ducked her head. “Um. Greefa says I can stay up.”

Greefa was her nickname for my grandfather. Not Grandpa, she called him ‘Geepaw’. As soon as Joy began talking she began conversing merrily to ‘Greefa’ and soon we learned she could not only see my dead grandfather but interact with him. We all wondered if she could see other ghosts, but so far we hadn’t tested the fact. Grandpa had been pleased, though, that someone else could see and hear his husband. He was especially close to Joy.

“Oh, so you’re accusing the one person who can’t say you’re fibbing?” Dakota asked, hitching Joy up a bit. “Should we ask Chance?”

“Noooo!” Joy scowled now. “Fine, I go bed.” She stuck her lower lip out far, and her eyes went very big. She looked so miserable I wanted to cave in, but before I could Dakota whisked her back to her room. She did so amazing with Joy, still a real life saver. Without her I think everything would just fall apart. She did all the things with Joy that I couldn’t and then some. She had become a good friend to me but, despite what several people said, nothing more. Oh sure I wondered occasionally, those nights we’d be sitting up in our pajamas nursing a sick Joy, I felt closer to Dakota than I ever did anyone else. But something about it felt wrong.

I returned to the living room where Sam and Kiley were still recovering from my story. “You didn’t give in this time?” Kiley asked.

I stuck my tongue out. “I don’t always give in.”

“Just, oh, 99 percent of the time?” Sam added and I kicked his shin.

“You’ll understand in a few months,” I said then vaguely regretted my words. When Reeny had announced her pregnancy just a couple weeks ago everyone in the family had been happy, except later that night I found Kiley crying. She and Arty had been trying to have kids for two years and it wasn’t working. They had suffered two miscarriages and Kiley was terrified she’d never be able to be pregnant. Arty didn’t really want to be pregnant though she’d be very willing for Kiley whenever Kiley gave the word.

Kiley got a distant look in her face. “I can see you just giving in to every little thing. Reeny is gonna have to be the tough parent.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “I’ll be a tougher parent than Mr. Bought his 3 year old a convertible.”

“It’s a TOY convertible!” I snapped.

“And the silk sheets?”

“She prefers the feel of silk to sleep on,” I grumbled. Okay, so I spoiled her. I couldn’t help it. I knew material possessions weren’t important and I gave  Joy all the love and attention I could. Just, part of me wanted to shower her with physical gifts as well. She was–everything. Everything to me.  If she wanted the moon, she’d have it.

My friends just continued to tease me, and I accepted it with false protests. I knew they loved Joy and spoiled her in their own ways. She loved her Uncle Sam and Aunt Kiley (as well as her aunts Reeny and Arty). She loved everyone and her name had been fitting, as she spread happiness to those who met her. Well. Most. I still thought about her mother, who she could have been. The police weren’t actively searching anymore but I knew they had feelers out. I wished I knew who it was. I looked at my daughter and studied her face, trying to take the pieces that weren’t Danevbie and try to place them with no success. Still, maybe one day a look or the way her blonde hair fell around her face or maybe the way she spoke would trigger something.

What would I tell her in the future? About her history? Probably a little bit of the truth until she got old enough to hear the whole truth. Or… should I even tell her the whole truth? The cough medicine, abandoned in the park? The thought of her hearing these things made my stomach lurch. My little princess…

“DADDDYYY!” Joy ran back into the room and launched herself into my lap. “Need a song. Pllllleeeasseee?”

Sam and Kiley watched with amused looks. I set Joy down and took her hand to walk her back to her room. “Okay, but just one.”

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Important Note

Hey guys!

So this post isn’t about Danevbies at all, it’s about me. In my last note I mentioned I had something I wanted to share with y’all and here it is.

So as you guys probably noticed, the past year or so I’ve been getting a lot worse. I’ve been going through even worse depression and anxiety than I usually go through. It’s been really bad for me. I’ve been struggling a lot.

Well there’s a reason for this and I am ready to talk about it with you guys. To tell you. Because even though I know I don’t owe my personal story to anyone, you guys are important to me and I want to share.

Okay well here goes.

Over this past year I have… realized… and come to terms with/accept the fact that I am transgender.

I’m a guy.


It was sorta a surprise to me too. I guess I knew deep down but… it never really hit me. I mean now that I know I can look back and go “ohhh that explains it!”. Because a lot of it was explained by other means?

Like, oh I hate wearing makeup. Not all girls like makeup, it doesn’t mean anything.

I hate showing off my chest/curves. Hey, some girls are modest, just because I don’t wanna flaunt it doesn’t mean anything.

I prefer writing from the male perspective. Big deal, writers write various perspectives all the time.

I prefer playing as a male character in video games. So? That’s not uncommon.

I hate my body? Well, I’m fat, that’s probably why I hate it.

I mean those are just a couple of examples but like, most the things could easily be explained with very good other reasons. So it just never really struck me. I’ve sorta had… thoughts of it through my life… but I always dismissed it.

But then things just hit me and I started questioning myself and realized that yeah I’m trans. That’s one reason I’ve been so… bad this year. My depression has gotten worse and anxiety and all that stuff. It’s just been a lot.

It is still a lot. I’m still dealing with this and it is a struggle. A major struggle. Mentally and emotionally and physically.

I don’t know where I am going from here. I need find a gender therapist… I’m gonna call a therapist place on Monday (tomorrow) hopefully. If my anxiety lets me. I’m gonna continue reading books and watching youtubers.

My mom knows and is supportive.

My dad knows and is… sort of in denial about everything which is… So frustrating. But he hasn’t known long so I’m hoping things get better.

Some of my friends know… And now… you guys know. You guys are important to me and I am glad to share this with you.

I prefer he/him pronouns but I understand if it takes a while for some people to get used to that. Because sErindeppity is my simming identity I will still be using that on the forums, here, and Tumblr. You guys can still call me sErin. However I have chosen a new name!! So if you want to you can also use that if you want to. My new name is Tobi. ^^

Any way… I think that’s all I wanted to say… wheew….

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask. I’m willing to be open. But Yes I do intend to transition one day but I doubt I’ll ever be able to have surgery due to having no money. Maybe top surgery one day. Maybe. If I ever get the money. But I’m hoping going on hormone therapy eventually. But that’s not for a long time since as I said I still don’t have a therapist. I’m kinda worried about getting a therapist since WV isn’t really… a LGBT+ open state. I’m actually terrified of coming out around here. I probably won’t be for a long time… :/

But that’s not important right now. Right now I’m coming out to you guys and now you know! 🙂

Love you guys! Thanks for reading and all that and well haha yeah. Hope you guys understand… anyway… yep. See ya guys later!


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I Wanna Dream – 8.37 – Grapevine


“Hey there, look who it is. It’s Papa.”

Dakota held Joy up a bit as I came trudging through the door. Joy beamed and reached out her hands. “Hey sweetie.” I carefully took her and held her close. Dakota stood by me, in case of an emergency. “Daddy missed you. Yes he did. Yes he did!”

“Uerrhhuh,” Joy said, taking a chunk of my hair and pulling. She giggled.

It had been about four months since Dakota moved in and things had been going great. Dakota went above and beyond the call of duty and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else taking care of my child.

I bounced Joy gently then glanced up as someone knocked on the door. I could see a glimpse of blue-black hair and it felt like all my oxygen was sucked out of my lungs. “Shit,” I whispered, backing up. “Tell them I’m not home!”

“WE CAN HEAR YOU!” Reeny shouted through the door. Dang it. Elf ears. “Open this door RIGHT now, Apollo James, or so help me…!”

Dakota tilted her head and I reluctantly handed Joy over so I could even more reluctantly open the door. Reeny’s hand shot out and seized me by my shirt collar, shoving me back against the nearest wall. Sam (a very pissed off Sam) hovered behind her.


I gulped. “I–I don’t know what you’re t-talking about. Don’t shout, you’re scaring Joy.” I wriggled free from her grasp and quickly took Joy back from Dakota and pushed her into Reeny’s arms. “Look, it’s Auntie Reeny!”

Reeny glowered and then in a much gentler tone said, “I’m not going to be distracted.” The fright in Joy’s face faded back into happy baby.

“We know it was you,” Sam added, his face still tense.

Before I could respond to that Dakota took Joy from Reeny. “I’ll just take her in the nursery and play with her.” Without waiting for me to tell her not to she hurried off and left me alone without any defense against two angry elves.

They both turned down offers of drinks although they did relent to at least take the bloodshed away from the front door. I grabbed a drink to fortify myself.

Reeny brandished an envelope, waving it in my face. “What do you think you’re doing?! Why would you do this?! How could you even think about this?!”

“About what?” I asked calmly, focusing more on my drink. Keeping my eyes on the liquid.

“Stop acting stupid,” Sam spat out. “Because we’re not.”

“Damn it… you shouldn’t… you didn’t…” Reeny’s voice faltered and it looked like she might cry. My chest tightened, not wanting to see my sister cry. Especially not because of something I did!

I set the glass down. “You needed it. Didn’t you?” I looked from her to Sam.

“Not like this!” he answered. “For Watcher’s sake, Apollo, it’s eight thousand simoleons!”

“I know how much it is.”

“So you admit it was you.”

I sighed. “You already knew it was me. Yeah. So? It’s a donation. Cause I knew you wouldn’t accept money from me–“

“THIS IS MONEY FROM YOU!” Reeny screamed and I flinched back.

“But it’s a donation! Not just, you know, me handing you money. It’s a donation.” I folded my arms as Reeny tried to thrust the envelope in my hands. “No. I’m not taking it back. Besides I’ve already recorded it down in my donations list. And you guys needed it.”

Reeny and Sam glanced at one another. Their garage had run into problems recently with some legal issues and Reeny and Sam ended up in debt. Ten thousand in debt.  They had a couple of thousand but not ten thousand so I decided to, uh, help them out. I gave out donations to others, why not to my siblings? I had the money so no way was I going to let them lose their livelihood because of stupid lawyer fees.

“Please accept it,” I said, softly now. “If you want to pay me back over time that’s fine. I won’t have any interest like a bank would.”

“Like a bank would give us a loan anyway,” Sam grumbled. They had tried three different banks so far and were turned down at each one. The banks used terms like unstable finances and other gobbledeegook but we all knew the real reason was because of their pointed ears.

I lifted my hand, palm up. “See? Now you can pay off the debt and still have some left over to get back on your feet, and in a year or two or ten (or never) you can start paying me back.” I smiled brilliantly at their still-glaring faces. “Since you’re here, why don’t I order some food and you can hang out and visit Joy and all that?”

The evening turned quite pleasant, really, and by the time Reeny and Sam left they finally agreed to accept the money though swore they’d pay me back.


The next morning I had my apocalypse vision. Immediately I saw a difference: the previous times I had this vision my hair was short, close to the head. But now in the vision my hair was pretty much how it was now. Otherwise things seemed the same. The relentless rain, the thunder and lightning, the screaming. I began pushing through the rain and mud to see who the black-haired man was.

“YOU–ARE–GOING–TO–KILL–EVERYONE!” My older self screamed, pronouncing each word carefully. “FUCK IT!” He made a beeline towards something.

So, seeing this vision multiple times hadn’t changed my future mind about sacrificing myself. Not even the change of hairstyle changed it. I got closer to the black-haired man and there was something familiar even though he was staring at my future self.

Lightning, a scream, and then…

“Apollo? Apollo, please wake up…!”

I sat up, hands finding my face. I pressed my palms against my eyes.

“Oh you’re okay! Thank the Watcher! I was so scared! You were screaming… about… I mean, I’ve heard your other visions but they’re not like this–“

“End of the world,” I murmured.

Dakota’s eyes grew huge. “Yes,” she whispered and knelt next to me. “Sorta. You said ‘You are going to destroy the world’. Shouted, really. Is it the end of the world?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Who knows? Not me.”

“You’ve had this vision before?”

She helped me to my feet and kept her arm linked with mine as she guided me to the bathroom. I stuck a washcloth under the tap and let it soak up the cold water. “Y-yeah,” I finally answered, realizing she was still waiting for me to respond. “I’ve had it several times. Ahh…” I pressed the cool, damp cloth against my face. It felt so good despite the fact that part of my brain still expected me to be soaking wet already.

“Someone is going to destroy the world? But–it won’t happen right? It can’t happen. Someone can’t just destroy the world. What are they even doing? What did you see? Who is it? Can’t you–“

“Stop!” I gasped out and then closed my eyes as she winced. “I’m sorry. It’s just a difficult vision for me to have and it’s hard to keep sane after seeing it.”

Dakota rested her hand against my back. “I’m so sorry. I’m being intrusive.”

“It’s fine. You’re curious, and for good reason. Look… we can talk about it tomorrow?” I focused my solid eyes on her frightened ones. “I’ll answer to the best of my ability. I want to just try and relax right now.”

As if trying to rescue me, Joy’s plaintive wails from where she had woken up. A flicker of something passed over Dakota’s face, then she chuckled. “Get back to bed and get some sleep. I’ll go take care of Joy.” She pat my arm and took off towards the swing.


True to my word, Dakota and I sat down the next afternoon so I could satisfy her curiosity. As best I could. I described the rain and tried my best to explain how… there it was, how forceful, that it seemed to be taking over everything. The ground was so muddy as so difficult to walk across–at least for my dreaming self; my future self didn’t have too much issue running to the fence. I told her about the pale man with black hair and glasses, and the other one–the woman. Also pale, also black hair, also wearing glasses, with a similar eye color as mine only colder… so much colder.

Dakota gave a gasp at that.

“Do you know her?” I asked.

“No.” She hesitated for a mere second before, “It’s just your eye color is so unusual. You didn’t recognize her?” I shook my head, knowing damn well there was more to her reaction than that. “Did the man resemble her?”

Now that was something I hadn’t thought of. “I don’t know. I have a hard time seeing his face in my vision. The woman is a bit… farther away. Yet I can see her easier than I can the man.” This hadn’t really occurred to me until now. Before I assumed the rain had been the reason but not anymore. “Maybe if I knew who it was I could prevent this from happening and that’s why I can’t see him.”

Her hands began twisting in her lap. “Would your visions work that way?”

I shrugged then laughed. “Who knows! I definitely don’t. My visions are weird.”

“The man… was standing up? I mean, er, how tall was he? Any clues whatsoever?” Her voice seemed even odder than her questions.

“I dunno.”

She continued twisting her hands and I was on the verge of pressing her for answers as to why she seemed so nervous, but then my phone rang, Dakota quickly got up and murmured something about checking on Joy. I sighed and checked my phone’s screen. Unknown number. I debated whether or not to answer but as my ringtone began repeating a third time I hit the answer button.

“Apollo?” The voice sounded weak and faint. Very familiar.

“Y-yeah, hello?”

“Can I ask you something…?”

I frowned and checked the number again. No idea who it could be. “Uh, uh, sure, uh, who–“

“Your visions. Your visions. You still have them?”

I began fighting off fear, a desire to just freak out. Something seemed off. Wrong. “I’m sorry, who is this?”


I gripped the phone tightly. “Yes, I still have them. Who is this?” My heart began racing and my palms grew sweaty. “The number is unknown.”

“Oh.” A tight, empty laugh. “Sorry. New phone. It’s Eli. Eli Rose,” he added, as if I could forget my friend.

My shoulders drooped with relief. “Watcher, Eli! You scared me! Dude. I haven’t talked to you in ages. How are you doing?” I asked the question automatically and immediately regretted it. He didn’t sound very good at all.

“Oh, fine.” Definitely a lie. “Sorry to bother you I just…” He sucked in some air. “I know you can’t have specific visions I was just wondering if you’ve… maybe had any of… of me…”

Eli sounded so terrified. He sounded sicker than he ever did when he was claiming to be sick. “Are you all right? Are you hurt? Are you–do you need me to come get you?”

“Nono!” he squeaked. “No. I’m fine. Promise. I just… been having a bad time…” And with that he began crying. “Have you seen me? In the future?”

I stared at the wall now. Freaking A, this exchange made me feel like he was on death’s door. But why? Illness? Something else? What would make Eli cry? And should I tell the truth? Or lie? If I told him the truth and he was feeling–well, suicidal… maybe that would push him over the edge. If I lied maybe he would have hope.


“Yeah, I’m here.” I had a feeling he would know an actual lie so I decided to mostly lie. “I’ve sorta had a vision of you. It was more of Blake but he was talking to you on the phone. He looked older.”

Eli’s breath went ragged. “He was talking to… me? Are you sure?”

“Eli, if something’s wrong I can–I can come get you.”

“No. I’m fine.” He coughed but not a sick cough more of a change-the-subject cough. “Thank you. I’m sorry if I sounded crazy. I just… Well, it’s been a bad day.”

“Did someone threaten you?”

“NO!” he screamed. “What? No, of course not! Why would you even ask that?” And then he began laughing way too loudly. “So how are you doing?”

“Worried about you.”

“I’m fine, seriously, it’s fine now.”

“Is it to do with what happened to Hunter’s?”

Silence. Then, “I thought we’ve gone over this, Apollo,” Eli hissed. “That’s way in the past. I’m sorry to have bothered you.” With that he hung up leaving me beyond confused, scared, and worried. Seconds turned into minutes and I finally got the presence of mind to dial Blake. He would know what was up.

“I have no idea what’s wrong with him,” he said as soon as I blurted everything out. “He’s been acting so weird lately. I’ve hardly seen him. We talk on the phone a lot but he never wants to visit anymore or have me visit him. He makes up all these shit excuses too. I’m just waiting for him to tell me he can’t see me cause he has to wash his hair. And he…”

Blake trailed off and I pushed him to answer, more out of worry for Eli than actual curiosity. “He keeps talking about what happened at Hunter’s,” Blake finally whispered. “You know. The attack. Those who were killed. A few weeks ago–the last time I actually saw him–he was just staring at the sky and when I asked what he was thinking he told me he wished he could go back and change things. What things? The attack on the school, the deaths. I told him it wasn’t his fault and he said he didn’t care he just wished he could change it.”

Is he feeling guilty about not telling anyone about the spy? I wondered. “I’m worried he’s depressed. Like, really depressed. He… uh… he asked me if I saw him in the future. Like he’s worried he–he might not be in the future.”

Blake sucked in some air. “Shit. What did you say?”

“I lied and said I had a vision involving him in the future,” I answered. “But I haven’t. I was worried if I told him the truth he might do something.”

“You think he’s suicidal? Eli? Why?”

I couldn’t tell him my reason for thinking such a thing. That Eli could have possibly prevented what happened at Hunter’s. “He just seems to be in a really dark place. I’m worried about him.”

“Yeah. Me too. Look, I’m gonna go visit him. I’ll call you sometime later in the week and let you know how things go. I just hope he’s… yeah. Thanks for calling me, Apollo.”

I hung up my phone and then sank down onto my couch, my stomach a writhing pit of nerves. Watcher. Please, let Eli be all right…


The next few days were awful. I didn’t want to just cancel all my appointments so I went to them having to really fake my enthusiasm more than usual. I didn’t even care about Dakota’s weirdness about my ‘end of the world’ vision (especially since she didn’t bring it up on conversation either). I just fretted about Eli and waited for Blake to call. I did talk to Sam a bit about it, not going into too much detail. Just basically a little bit of what Blake and I discussed and the frightening vibes I got from the phone call. Sam grew worried as well which on one hand I didn’t like worrying him, but on the other it felt good to have someone to worry about Eli with.

Finally Blake called on Saturday. As soon as his name popped up I hit the green button. The conversation didn’t last too long, though, and it didn’t give an answer one way or another. The first day Eli refused to even see Blake but then they went out for some coffee and Eli told Blake he felt fine, that he had been having bad dreams and that’s the only reason he had phoned me. Nightmares. Nothing else.

I didn’t believe that but Blake seemed to, so I couldn’t push him more. I tried calling Eli back but it went to voicemail and when he called me back he hung up when I answered and then just texted me saying he was sorry to have bothered me, he felt fine.

dude im just rly worried u seemed upset when u called

Im fine honest ive just been sad bc V dumped me. im good tho i promise.

Varuna? Dumped Eli?!

nah dont wanna talk about it but thanks. cya. was all Eli said when I questioned him. I messaged Blake who didn’t know either and then talked to Kiley who knew Varuna better than I did, and a couple days later we found out Eli lied: he had been the one to dump Varuna, not the other way around. Varuna was really messed up about things and told Kiley who told me that things had been really strained between them for a while. Eli had been getting more and more distant so while it hurt her, it didn’t shock her he dumped her. I, naturally, messaged Eli.

fine yeah i dumped her it still upset me thx for prying thu the fucking grapevine. STOP PRYING!

We had graduated Hunters a few years ago but right now it felt like we had never left, though most of that was my own fault. Prying. Yeah, I had been prying, and the excuse of being worried for his mental health–that wasn’t enough. Was it? Where did the line begin or end? I wasn’t his best friend, that was Blake. But we were friends. Did that give me the right to interfere? How close to someone should you be for it to be okay to interfere when their mental health seemed to be plummeting? Was it ever okay? If I was in that position I’d want my friends to step in and put their hands out.

I thought of my aunt taking the sleeping pills to stop the emptiness in her head. I pictured Eli, taking sleeping pills to stop the guilt (or whatever the issue was). Did he honestly blame himself for what happened?

im very sorry, I texted back. i guess worry got the better of me. but if u ever need anything ANYTHING im here and i kno blake is too and sam. were here for u eli no matter what. ur a great guy and ur not alone.

It took almost a full day for Eli to reply.

thx. im not a good guy but thx.

Over the next month the grapevine trickled through that Eli and Varuna were back together, and Eli was seeing a therapist.

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