Fan Creations

This page is under construction since I didn’t think to put this together till now. I might be missing some fan works… so if you’ve done something and it’s not on here let me know!

(for art, click for full size!)


Fan Art


Chanceter by Imagsimation

1795623_474560955982604_346398787_n Kay by Briana

kayredding2 233322 jayfanart Kays and Jay by TheUsernameFound



Human (Chance Danevbie)– AngelBlue007

King Of Anything (Kay Redding) – TheUsernameFound


Stories using my characters as founders/main characters

100 Minions by simmy1990

Dark Heart (rated mature) by Joseph

A Fire Burns Many Colors by Joseph

101 Dalmations a 100 baby challenge (mature) by Joseph


Requested Art

tumblr_mw45vk2Wbh1svlhrjo1_1280 tumblr_n3029tnDAX1svlhrjo1_500 – Kay and Jay, both done by simblroonies


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