Other Stories, Please Read!

Hey y’all! Here is a list of stories, legacies, and challenges I am reading or have read. This page is under construction at all times pretty much. If you’re one of my readers and you have a legacy or story or challenge you’d like me to read, feel free to leave a link in the comments. I am honestly unsure when I will get to it but I will do my best.

First and foremost are the legacies by my dear friend TheUsernameFound. She’s the creator of the Differences In The Family Tree challenge, and the reason I got into writing sim stuff along with TippieTips legacy which has unfortunately been discontinued, as far as I know.

TheUsernameFound’s legacies

Color Of Amour Completed Rainbow DitFT (Guest appearance by Penny! Also, stories linked in Danevbie gen five and Amour gen ten)

Stains of Hue Rainbow DitFT; PG13 (currently on hiatus?)

I highly recommend her stories. ^^ now onto the others!


Whispers In The Wind Rainbow Legacy

Chasing Rainbows Rainbowcy/Musicacy

Too Much Color, Too Little Time Rainbowcy

Until My Color Fades Away Rainbowcy/Musicacy

Shattered Wings Legacy; Adult

Cultric Legacy Cultracy legacy

Our Lives Are Better Left To Chance Legacy

As The Color Wheel Turns Rainbowcy

The Ouroboros Legacy Randomcy

Drake Family Secrets Legacy

The Hendrix Legacy Legacy

Colourcaste A Dystopian Rainbowcy

See How Bright We Shine Legacy

100 Baby Challenge

Liz’s 100 baby challenge

Queen’s Hive

100 Minions (starring Kay and Jay Redding)

Kiss Of A Vampire

100 Baby Challenge


Dustland Fairytale

My Life Caught On A Silver Camera

Stand By Me

The Second Time Around (bring me to life challenge)

Fade From Grey Rainbowcy/Berry Story

A Father’s Love

Stories/Legacies/Challenges Discontinued or on Hiatus

Sky Legacy Legacy

Sky Babies

PLEASE remember this is on major construction currently! I have a lot of ones I read or am reading or plan on reading. I am just slow on updating, I apologize.


30 Responses to Other Stories, Please Read!

  1. dinkyjen says:

    I have my own legacy and I’ve added you to my blogroll and I was hoping you could pop over and have a look. I’d be really grateful if you could add me too.

    Thanks xx

  2. I love your legacy and I’ve added you to my blogroll. I just started out my brand new legacy and I’d really love if you can add me to your list? 🙂 http://themiddletonlegacy.wordpress.com/

  3. cobbl3r says:

    Your legacy is ridiculously awesome. I’ve only just started reading it, but it’s super interesting so far. If you have time, do you want to check out my legacy? http://slendersims.wordpress.com/

  4. Hi! ^-^
    I’ve just set up my legacy. (This is LaLaLa btw.) and was hoping you could check it out. (Has no posts as of yet. XD)

    It’s a DITFT legacy so yeah. ❤

  5. I published my first chapter yay. ^_^
    Not as good as yours of course. :3

  6. whoops ignore that, I made some mistakes. >_<

    • sErindeppity says:

      I just checked and there’s a prologue, I commented on it… I really hope that’s ok! If not feel free to delete the comment. Anyway, are you going to have a sims forum thread for it? Just wondering if I should bookmark the wordpress site or not… Anyway, looking forward to see what happens!

  7. zefiewings says:

    I feel guilty doing it, but did I ever link you to my story?
    If you could give me any necessary constructive criticism that would really make my day!

    • sErindeppity says:

      I think you did ages ago and I meant to read it and got off track because I’m a terrible person and have a bad memory >__< I am so sorry. I'll bookmark it and be sure to read it, and I will give some constructive criticism ^_^ I'm really sorry. 😦 I’ll try to get to it this week ^^
      And don't feel guilty. I like reading stuff, I just wish I had more time to do so. So thank you ^^

    • sErindeppity says:

      I swear I will get to this sooon >__< -feels guilty-

  8. sarahheartz says:

    Hii. I don’t know if I ever left you a link before, but I’d just like to know that I read your legacy and you’re one of my inspirations for my legacy which I started way back when, about a year ago! I just got back into writing it after a year of inactivity. Anyway, if you’d like to see here it is:

  9. simslady says:

    Hi, never commented before but i’ve been reading since the near beginning and have always loved it c: By the way I’m powderjr from tumblr.
    Anywho if you would like to see my story it’s here: http://whispersinthewalls.blogspot.com
    The Reddings were partial inspiration in the main character’s design 😉

    • sErindeppity says:

      Hey! Sorry it took a while to reply. Thank you for sending a link, I will try to read it as soon as I can. I am behind in reading legacies >_< but I will try and get to it soon, thank you ;3

  10. Marisha says:

    Hey I just started reading your legacy, and I was wondering if you could check out mine

  11. amandralynn says:

    I’m deeply flattered beyond belief to be on this list considering your legacy is one of my fav’s of all time. Made my day! Thanks so much! ❤

    • sErindeppity says:

      I love your writing!!! I really need to catch up on everything though. I was beginning to but then lost track of every story I am reading and it’s just been a big mess, bleh. But I do adore your writing and people should go read your stories!!

  12. blamsart says:

    I’m also writing a story (not as awesome as yours but I’m still rather proud of it :D) and I wanted to try my luck and see if you felt like reading it 🙂

    • sErindeppity says:

      Thank you so much for all the support, and congrats on getting through all the gens!! I really appreciate everything, and have bookmarked your legacy to check out as soon as I have time. I read the prologue and it looks really interesting ^^

      • blamsart says:

        Personally, I feel like my story starts to get real interesting in gen.4, so if you find the prologue interesting its a good sign! Oh and yes no need to rush! I don’t want my story to be something you rush to read because you feel obligated! I much prefer seeing it as something people can just open up when they feel like it and read a few chapters here and there.

        I wish you luck in getting your writing groove back!
        I think Kay and Jay might be my fav duo in all the stories I’ve ever read. I adore those two! Even if Jay’s attitude can be frustrating, she’s an awesome character! And Kay is just…well Kay. I think that sums him up right there XD

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