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Hey guys so me and my best friend decided to do a collab legacy! The prologues are now out! I am super excited for this. You can find it here! It’s a post-apocalyptic rainbow legacy. Whee! ~sErin Advertisements

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I Wanna Dream – 8.33 – Caught

As it turned out Sam and Reeny weren’t officially dating. Yet. Sam and I stayed up late talking that night. He explained to me that he admired Reeny very much and recently found out she admired him as well. They … Continue reading

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Feedback please

Hey guys I’m having a lot of trouble and I need some feedback. For those of you caught up with Apollo’s story or are close to caught up, I need to know: if his story a mess? Is it bad? … Continue reading

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Liebster Award!!

I got nominated for the Liebster award again and it just makes me so happy! Thank you so much Livvielove (I hope that’s the right name?) I am very out of the loop with sim writing so I don’t have … Continue reading

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I Wanna Dream – 8.32 – Arty’s Secret

January went by and at the end Angel had her birthday, aging up to five. She totally flipped when she opened my present to her: one of those kid vehicles, a flashy pink convertible. Dad and I shoveled and cleaned … Continue reading

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