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??? – Home

His arrival was quiet. So quiet, nobody really noticed at first. “Huh. I wasn’t expecting this.” Jacob spun around, staring at Chance. He knew Chance had been dying but there should have been… a warning or something. When others joined the … Continue reading

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??? – Alone

None of them knew what to do when he came into the room. None of them had met him. Everyone else had someone there when they arrived… except for Jacob. So it was Jacob who went forward. “Hello Zaid.” Zaid … Continue reading

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??? – Reunion

She was there for him when he came through. Due to the time abnormalities, she had been waiting for a long time (or not long at all?) but she was there when he entered the room. He stared at her … Continue reading

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??? – Heartache

Unlike the others, her entry into the room was not quiet. Before her foot even touched the floor, just as the lines were sharpening, and a split-second before Jacob would have otherwise known she was there–she screamed. The two that … Continue reading

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??? – Questions

Her foot touched the ground and for a moment she was surprised that the ground was there, then a bit embarrassed that she had been so surprised. The atmosphere changed, and Jacob noticed right away. He thought it was about … Continue reading

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??? – Company

Author’s Note: Um, I guess I should put up a warning since this revolves around death… I wouldn’t say it’s emotional but I know some people have difficulty with it so just thought I’d say it. ~*~ It had been … Continue reading

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