Generation Overviews

I know what it’s like not having the time to catch up, so I decided to give you guys some overviews of the gens. Please remember these are mostly short overviews that skip a lot of content. There will be a lot of things omitted, and some important things–things that hint toward future plot that I do not want to confirm whether it’s important or not.

Generation One – They Blinded Me With Science

Generation Two – DNA, Baby, That Spells DNA

Generation Three – These Points of Data Make a Beautiful Line

Generation Four – I Don’t Want to Break These Chains

Generation Five – This Path of Destiny is All My Own (overview not done)

Generation Six – Wanting To Feel, To Know What is Real; Living Is A Lie (overview not done)

Generation Seven – Can You See The Future Locked Within The Crystal Ball  (overview not done)


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